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Imaging Solutions Releases Infection Control Catalogue

by Luke Molnar


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a surge in enquiries for infection control related products, Imaging Solutions has created a vertical market catalogue containing a selection of products that assist in controlling infection within the medical imaging department.

BRISBANE, QLD, 06 MAY 2020 — Imaging Solutions, Australia’s leading Single Source Supplier of imaging accessories, is responding to the current market demand for products which promote better infection control by launching a tailored vertical market catalogue of specific products from its existing product portfolio. The company says many of its purpose designed imaging products which protect against ionizing radiation also offer specific design features to protect users against infection or substantially reduce the potential of exposure.

This line-up includes:

  1. Disposable thyroid collar covers
  2. Sterilised radiation protection gloves
  3. Covered positioning aids – Easily cleaned and impervious to fluids
  4. Disposable covers for miscellaneous imaging accessories and equipment
  5. Radiation protective goggles and face shields
  6. Sterile drapes/covers for under table and over table radiation protection shields
  7. Apron refresher for personal radiation protection apparel
  8. Cassette and detector slide covers – designed to repel fluids and make cleaning easy

While a significant proportion of these products are manufactured here in Australia by RADsafe, an Imaging Solutions brand, other world class manufacturers such as MAVIG also feature in supplying eye wear, shield covers and gloves. Many of the products provide a dual capability to protect users from radiation exposure and potential pathogens routinely encountered when treating patients in the imaging department, emergency or during procedures.

Ben Honey, Imaging Solutions’ Sales and Operations Manager said “We have certainly seen an unprecedented surge of enquiries for many of the products included in this application specific area. Traditionally, the primary concern of technologists working in the imaging arena has been exposure to radiation. However, they are now in the present circumstances equally aware of the potential for infection. Products which provide utility in terms of being able to protect against both radiation and inflection through splash protection, sterilised packaging, disposable single use capability or ease of cleaning offer critical protection to users.”

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About Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions is a specialist supplier of superior medical imaging and general healthcare products in Australian, New Zealand and South-East Asian markets. Our extensive product portfolio is built around products and brands that are world leaders in their respective categories.

The company’s strategic and operational objective is to be the healthcare industry’s supplier of choice. Our critical point of difference is our single source supplier formula that allows us to deliver outstanding value and unrivalled convenience to our customers.

Energy, integrity, loyalty, growth and teamwork are the foundation of the company’s core values and culture. At Imaging Solutions, minds are open, new ideas welcomed, teamwork paramount and the company’s culture drives it forward.

More Information

Should you require further information, please contact Kane Wallmann by phone on +61 7 3387 0400 or by e-mail at [email protected]. You can also visit the Imaging Solutions website.

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