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Virtual Environments

Reduce stress and anxiety for patients, optimise workflow and staff effectiveness, improve time and resource efficiency, minimise patient noshows, refusals, and sedations with our innovative range of patient relaxation solutions.

Custom Solutions - Imaging Solutions can custom develop just about anything you can dream of. The only limitation is your imagination. Contact us today to discuss what we can do together.

Virtual Skylights

Bring life and energy into your practice

Virtual Skylights are the ultimate tool at creating a friendly and welcoming environment. Virtual Skylights give you the option to bring the great outdoors, indoors. Using specialised imagery we’re able to emulate the view of a real skylight.

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Scanner Skins

Convert your clinical, stark looking medical equipment into works of art. Scanner Skin is a conformable self adhesive vinyl that is coated to ensure longevity and a cleanable surface. Brighten your procedure rooms with Scanner Skin.

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Wall Wraps

More than just a wallpaper

Wall Wraps come in a range of playful or relaxing themes to suit your environment. Printed graphics onto a high-quality vinyl and adhered to your walls like wallpaper this product will stand the test of time and offer you a vibrant wall covering for years to come.

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Mood Lighting

Bring light and comfort to any room

Mood lighting is the perfect way to set the tone of any room. When used in conjunction with our Virtual View and Wall Wraps, mood lighting helps to complete the mood, allowing for happier guests & patients. Although often not completely noticed, mood lighting subtly enhances any room with minimal effort.

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