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NordicNeuroLab and Imaging Solutions Distribution Agreement

by Luke Molnar

NordicNeuroLab and Imaging Solutions PTY LTD are proud to announce the commercial distribution agreement between our two companies. Imaging Solutions PTY LTD will be responsible for selling NordicNeuroLab’s products related to fMRI acquisition and MRI patient comfort in the Australian and New Zealand market.

The agreement will enable NordicNeuroLab to better serve the existing Australian install base and ensure continued growth in the market. Thomas Omdahl, CEO of NordicNeuroLab, says “we are very happy to have found a competent partner with an excellent track record in the Australian market”. Australia is an important market for NordicNeruoLab’s product portfolio because of its widespread adoption of clinical functional MR Imaging (fMRI).

Glenn Honey, CEO at Imaging Solutions said, “We are excited about bringing NordicNeuroLab range into our existing portfolio. The product range is an excellent fit complimenting Imaging Solutions’ existing footprint in the IT and turn-key MRI RF cage construction space. Imaging Solutions offers its customers access to an unrivalled portfolio of application specific world marketing leading brands of which NordicNeuroLab has now joined. Given our historical activities in the MRI/IT market space here in Australia and New Zealand we expect the enhanced access and market exposure we can provide will increase the adoption rate of the NNL technology platforms on offer and of course correspondingly the instal base. Most critically we are delighted to have the opportunity to build market awareness of the technology platform and be a part of ensuring leading edge technology and diagnostic tools are accessible and strongly supported.

About NordicNeuroLab

With 20 years of experience, NordicNeuroLab (NNL) products and solutions are considered the gold standard within the field of functional MR imaging. NordicNeruoLab develop, produce, and market all the tools needed for functional MR imaging. We closely collaborate with research and clinical sites, MR manufacturers, and third-party vendors to create solutions that meet customer needs. Our training programs ensures continuity at expert centers and guides novice users developing their own fMRI programs. Building on our expertise within fMRI we also offer patient comfort solutions for MR, allowing patients to relax during the scan and ensuring patient throughput in the clinic. Find out more about NordicNeuroLab here www.nordicneurolab.com

About Imaging Solutions

Established in 1992, Imaging Solutions expanded its core distribution business through the acquisition of several bolt-on enterprises such that combined, the organisation has over 45 years of history in supporting the Australian and New Zealand medical imaging industry.

Imaging Solutions is a specialist supplier of superior medical imaging and general healthcare products from the world’s leading brands. The company’s critical point of difference is a single source supplier formula that enables it to provide outstanding value and unrivalled convenience, efficiency, and risk management to our customers. Find out more about Imaging Solutions here www.imgsol.com

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