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VisualSystem HD for fMRI


Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

Benefits of the VisualSystem HD

A whole new experience

Not only do you get HD resolution, but it’s possible to render 3D videos. This opens for new possibilities in clinical fMRI and in research. With a 80% larger field of view, compared to our old VisualSystem, the participant or patient becomes totally immersed in a new world.

Real 3D for maze tasks

80% increased field of view

HD resolution

Adjustable to all sizes

Adjustable to all sizes

Our job is to make it easy – The VisualSystem HD has a design which fits a wide range of head coils, and it is easy to mount with coil specific adapters. The adjustable arm allows fast and precise positioning at the preferred angle of view. The built-in diopter correction and fine-tuning of pupil distance are easy to regulate and customize to each patient, both adult and children.

All you need for fMRI

Our job is to make it easy – The VisualSystem HD is an essential part of our premium fMRI package. If your department is looking for all the equipment it needs in order to do fMRI, this is your all-in-one solutions. This video gives you an overview of the equipment needed.

Additional Information


Display Type

Dual Full HD OLED, one for each eye

Resolution (native)

1920×1200@60Hz, 71Hz(16:10 WUXGA), 1920×1080@60Hz, 80Hz(16:9FHD), 1600×1200@60Hz, 85Hz(4:3UXGA)

Eye Tracking Image Resolution

640 x 480 (progressive)

Aspect Ratio

16:10 WXUGA

3D Imaging

Independent video sources for each OLED enabling stereoscopic / 3D imaging (optional feature)

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Founded as a spin-off from the Bergen fMRI group in 2001 (University of Bergen), NordicNeuroLab develop and manufacture cutting edge tools that define the field of functional MR imaging (fMRI).

From state of the art post-processing and visualization software for BOLD fMRI, Diffusion/DTI, and Perfusion/DCE imaging to fMRI hardware for audio and visual stimulation, eye tracking, and patient response collection.

NNL products are used around the world by researchers and clinicians alike. Over 2000 installations in more than 70 countries, collaborations with leading institutions world-wide and partnering with main MR vendors, we are a global company.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to take the most advanced neuro-imaging tools to market while making functional MRI programs robust, reliable and repeatable.

We truly believe that fMRI will play an ever more important role in improving diagnostics and treatment outcome for patients with neuro related conditions. The brain is the human organ that we know the least about and fMRI will continue to help us gain a better understanding for how this unique organ works.

Our head office is in Bergen, Norway and for the US market our main office is located in Milwaukee, WI. In Australia we work with our distributor IMAGING Solutions.

Vision – All patients benefit from complete imaging information for optimized treatment.

Company Mission – NordicNeuroLab will apply world-leading competence and experience to provide professional solutions for functional imaging, enabling improved patient care and clinical efficiency.

Quality Policy – We are committed to provide the highest possible quality on our products and services worldwide. This is achieved through customer focus, continuous improvement and maintaining an effective QMS that complies with regulatory requirements.

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VisualSystem HD for fMRI

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