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Are your foams in need of refreshing?

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions has you covered with a huge range of closed-cell, vinyl covered, raw foam and Invisi-Cote positioning foams.

See our comprehensive range of patient positioning devices for every specialty imaging application. From all-purpose coated and uncoated foam sponges to innovative and purpose-designed MRI, CT, general x-ray, mammography, radiation therapy, surgical specific devices. Imaging Solutions boasts the most complete patient positioning catalogue in Australia, with a range of Australian-made foams and the ability to custom make positioning aids for highly specific requirements.

Vinyl Covered and Standard Foams
Basic open-cell uncoated and uncovered, raw foams are completely invisible to x-rays but are non-cleanable and not as durable as a covered foam. With an optional covered option, our foams are fully sewn to offer a completely sealed covering of fluid-resistant material. This makes them easier to keep clean and makes them last longer. Read more here.

Invisi-Cote and Stealth Foams
Invisi-Cote positioning foams are high quality foams dipped in a fluid-resistant, cleanable coating. They offer minimal shadowing with low attenuation. They are our most popular range as they offer a middle ground between raw foam, which is difficult to keep sanitary, and covered, which is cleanable but leaves artifacts on the image when scanned. The “Stealth” range of foams have angled sides to minimise image artifacts. Read more here.

Closed-Cell Foams
Closed-cell positioning foams are a new addition to our range and are quickly becoming our most popular style due to their artifact free imaging and cleanable surface; the best of both worlds. They are similar to raw foams in that they are incredibly radiotranslucent except they do not soak up liquids like raw foams do due to the sealed nature of their surface. Read more here.

Disposable Foam Covers
Protecting your patients against infection is important and nobody wants to be scanned while touching a dirty, sweat stained foam pad. RadFresh disposable sponge covers are designed to cover your positioning aids and protect them from sweat and other fluids with their waterproof material. Read more here.

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