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Month: July 2014

Bringing the World’s Leading Infusion Control and Patient Monitoring Solutions to Australian MR Sites

by Luke Molnar

The most advanced medical imaging modality deserves nothing less. Dosage control and patient monitoring are two of the most critical activities within any MR suite, from the safe and continuous delivery of fluids to essential vital signs monitoring or complicated cardiac or respiratory gating. Imaging Solutions has partnered with iRadimed and Invivo, two of the […]

Virtual Entertainment Solutions Improve Patients’ Experience During MR Scans

by Luke Molnar

Forget your local cinema… the next blockbuster you see may well be viewed from the inside of a MR scanner! By Michael Crosby. The inside of an MR scanner can be a scary place. As a patient, you have probably just been screened for ferrous objects and told umpteen horror stories of flying objects unexpectedly […]

Brain and Neck Cancer Prominence Amongst Interventional Cardiologists

by Kane Wallmann

Due to the lengthy periods of time interventional cardiologists remain in close proximity to the radiation zone, the risk of radiation-induced malignancies is critically high. The potential for dramatic biological effects on humans from long-term exposure to ionizing radiation is well-known. Interventional cardiologists, more than most, face this unfortunate reality each time they step into […]

Can you handle the truth about infection control with computer monitors?

by Luke Molnar

Computer monitors can be found in almost every direction you look within a hospital. Unfortunately, little thought goes into the implications of using a consumer-grade display in areas where infection control is critical. The following infection-control related facts are a testament to why hospitals should consider using a purpose-designed display in these crucial environments. There […]