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Bringing the World’s Leading Infusion Control and Patient Monitoring Solutions to Australian MR Sites

by Luke Molnar

The most advanced medical imaging modality deserves nothing less.

Dosage control and patient monitoring are two of the most critical activities within any MR suite, from the safe and continuous delivery of fluids to essential vital signs monitoring or complicated cardiac or respiratory gating. Imaging Solutions has partnered with iRadimed and Invivo, two of the world’s leading manufacturers of MR compatible equipment to offer the world’s only MR-compatible IV infusion pump as well as a comprehensive range of superior performing MRI patient monitors.

The MRidium 3860+ IV Infusion Pump

Safe for use in MR scanners up to 3T and placement up to the 10,000 guass line, the MRidium™ MRI Infusion System is designed for the continuous delivery of fluids and medications to patients within the MRI environment. Clinicians can safely and reliably run both volumetric and syringe dosed infusions by way of syringe, bags and bottles. Additionally, with the optional MRidium™ Wireless Remote Display adjustments to the infusion process may now be implemented from within the control room decreasing overall scan time and increasing patient throughput!

The MRidium 3860+ offeres the ultimate in convenience and safety. It may be plugged directly into an electrical outlet within the MRI scanner room or powered by its ‘long life’ rechargeable battery which lasts up to 12 hours at 125ml per hour and also serves as a ‘back–up’ power source in the event of a power outage. Unsafe practices such as running long lines of extension tubing from your non-MRI compatible pumps through the MR door or penetration panel are now things of the past.

Finally, the MRidium™ 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System is available with a ‘Dose Error Reduction System’ referred to as the ‘DERS’ drug library. The DERS drug library reduces the risk of medication infusion errors by providing clinicians with a pre–programmed, hospital approved drug library to be customised with clinically defined infusion parameters as well as hard and soft dosing safeguards.

Simply put, if you need to administer patients with fluids in the MR suite, the only safe choice is the MRidium system!

Invivo Patient Monitors

Nothing is more important than the quality of care provided to patients. When it comes to patient monitoring in the MR, Invivo is truly setting the standard.

The Essential, the only monitor with an unlimited guass rating (meaning it can be used absolutely anywhere in the MR suite), offers convenient monitoring of Sp02 levels and heat beat, and has been purpose designed to significantly improve workflow in and around the MR. In terms of multi-parameter monitoring, the Invivo’s flagship monitor, the Expression, highlights a variety of significant disparities in comparison to competitive offerings. See below for a short summary:

Purpose Design and Upgrades

The Expression is engineered and designed from the ground up to be compatible with today’s high-field MRI magnets and is upgradable with new features and options at any time after purchase. Leading competitive products have modified non-MRI patient monitors made by companies with no or little prior MRI patient monitoring experience. When using these devices, the constant magnetic strain on non-MRI compatible components can lead to inconsistent performance, image artifacts and ultimately failure.

Guass Rating

The Expression is safe up to the 5,000 gauss line with all parameters configured. This compares with competitive products certified to 2,000 Gauss limitation without EtCO2 /agents and only a 500 Gauss limitation with EtCO2 / agents. Safety

Invivo wireless ECG and SpO2 have no reported FDA burning incidents and has the safest track record in the industry. Additionally, the Expression is designed to safely operate at the FDA’s maximum clinical SAR value of 4.0 W/kg allowing the utilisation of the scanner in normal mode or first level mode. Some competitive products have been rated at the 2.0 W/KG SAR which means that you are limited to only operate your scanner in normal mode. Using this equipment while operating in the first level mode could potentially cause harm to a patient or the equipment.

ECG and Sp02 Performance

Invivo offers wireless ECG and Sp02 monitoring reducing cable length and decreasing the risk of cable heating and cost. Waveforms are displayed on a 12” screen. Other products use fibre optic cables with waveforms often displayed on smaller screens with menus that block viewing of data. Temperature

Expression is the only MRI monitor to have a disposable temperature sensor that can be utilised for internal body or surface temperature allowing accurate and safe measurement of temperature in the oesophagus, rectum, nasal passage or on skin.

Infection Control

Expression is the only monitor to have complete infection control with every vital sign having a disposable sensor to help prevent cross contamination of infections. Expression is the first MRI monitor with disposable SpO2, NIBP and temperature sensors ideal to be used for ICU, neonatal, compromised immune systems and patients with infectious diseases. Expression also features reusable sensors for SpO2, NIBP and temperature to help reduce the long term cost of ownership.

Direct Wireless Technology

Expression communicates to the control room without the need for extensive network installations. It also communicates wirelessly between several MRI systems and different departments such as CT, Recovery, Induction, ICU, PICU, NICU etc. Other competitive products use fibre-optic hardwired connections to the remote display that make it difficult to move the monitor from the MRI room or between MRI suites.


Expression employs a smart battery management system allowing continuous battery operation whereas other products provide limited battery life with the batteries adding a huge amount of weight (up to almost double the weight of Expression).

Portability and Workflow

Patients can be connected to Expression in the patient holding/prep area and then transported into the MRI room saving time and increasing throughput. Often, mobile a wireless router networks must be installed throughout each MRI suite for other types of monitors which is an expensive addition. Such products also don’t utilise wireless ECG or SpO2 which further tether the patient and restrict mobility.


Expression can be configured in a traditional roll around cart or mounted on an MRI anesthesia machine, MRI table, surgical table or wall. Mounting the monitor is ideal for MRI rooms where space is limited or in environments where the patient is transported.