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Month: September 2020

Choosing the Ideal Localization Marker in MRI

by Megan Sargalski

MRI scans can be used to examine almost any part of the body including bones and joints, the heart and blood vessels, and internal organs like the liver.  The results of the scans can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatments, and assess how effective previous treatments have worked.  With a machine so versatile, […]

Imaging Solutions Launch International Websites for Global Export Distribution Network

by Kane Wallmann

In September 2020, leading Australian personal radiation protection manufacturer and supplier of superior medical imaging products, Imaging Solutions, launched a range of international websites to accommodate their expanding export market and meet increasing demand from international customers through their new global distributor network. Imaging Solutions has four new international websites and a Personal Radiation Protection […]

Ultromics Partnership Improves AI Solutions for Echocardiography

by Web Admin

Laurel Bridge Software announces a new partnership with Ultromics, a global health technology firm, which provides autonomous echocardiography analysis through innovative AI solutions. The Laurel Bridge AI Workflow Suite (AIWS) enables the Ultromics EchoGo suite of cloud-based AI services to securely integrate into existing clinical IT systems. Laurel Bridge anonymizes and sends cardiac echo studies […]

Aromatherapy Can Be a Helping Hand in Radiology

by Melissa Vibberts

I recently had my screening mammogram after delaying it a few extra months during the COVID-19 pandemic. I must admit I was a bit anxious despite all the new precautions being taken to keep patients and staff safe. Driving through the hospital campus, I saw the COVID-19 testing site, my temperature was taken when I arrived […]

Radiologists Explain Why Skin Lesions are Still Problematic in 3D Mammography

by Mary Lang

A common misconception about digital breast tomosysnthesis (DBT), also referred to as 3D mammography, is that whatever is seen on the first five slices is skin-related and most likely benign.   In their paper, “Dermal or Not? The Surprising Question We Find Ourselves Asking in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis,” Dr. Erin Crane and Dr. Erini Makariou relate how they […]