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Positioning Foams

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Covered positioning foams are covered in liquid-resistant vinyl which is sewn together to form a non-removable coating. The coating can introduce minor imaging artifacts but removes the need to use disposable or separately cleanable covers over raw foams. The covering is both durable and comfortable.

We offer a wide range of generic and specialty shaped positioning foams in raw and covered versions. Whether it’s raw or coated, our position foams are made from quality materials that will stand up to constant abuse. If you need something not listed, we can custom make it to your requirements. Basic open-cell uncoated and uncovered, raw foams are completely invisible to x-rays but are non-cleanable and not as durable as a covered foam. Our covered foams are fully sewn to offer a completely sealed covering of fluid-resistant material. This makes them easier to keep clean and makes them last longer.

Note: MRI Safe This product is MRI Safe. Click here for more information on ASTM ratings.
Image SKU ShapeStyle Price Purchase
ISM-FM-SRN-W45-141810  45° Wedge Small  RawISM-FM-SRN-W45-14181045° Wedge SmallRawAUD $12.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-W45-141810  45° Wedge Small  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-W45-14181045° Wedge SmallCoveredAUD $74.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-W45-282820  45° Wedge Medium  RawISM-FM-SRN-W45-28282045° Wedge MediumRawAUD $24.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-W45-282820  45° Wedge Medium  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-W45-28282045° Wedge MediumCoveredAUD $97.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-W45-287520  45° Wedge Extra Long  RawISM-FM-SRN-W45-28752045° Wedge Extra LongRawAUD $52.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-W45-287520  45° Wedge Extra Long  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-W45-28752045° Wedge Extra LongCoveredAUD $142.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-W60-202820  60° Wedge  RawISM-FM-SRN-W60-20282060° WedgeRawAUD $28.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-W60-202820  60° Wedge  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-W60-20282060° WedgeCoveredAUD $102.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-W15-272807  15° Ramp  RawISM-FM-SRN-W15-27280715° RampRawAUD $14.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-W15-272807  15° Ramp  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-W15-27280715° RampCoveredAUD $80.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-BLK-101005  Block Extra Small  RawISM-FM-SRN-BLK-101005Block Extra SmallRawAUD $6.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-BLK-101005  Block Extra Small  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-BLK-101005Block Extra SmallCoveredAUD $63.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-BLK-163004  Block Small  RawISM-FM-SRN-BLK-163004Block SmallRawAUD $14.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-BLK-163004  Block Small  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-BLK-163004Block SmallCoveredAUD $80.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-BLK-303808  Block Large  RawISM-FM-SRN-BLK-303808Block LargeRawAUD $34.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-BLK-303808  Block Large  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-BLK-303808Block LargeCoveredAUD $110.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-CYL-200500  Circular  RawISM-FM-SRN-CYL-200500CircularRawAUD $18.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-CYL-200500  Circular  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-CYL-200500CircularCoveredAUD $85.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-TVP-514510  Trans-Vaginal Wedge  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-TVP-514510Trans-Vaginal WedgeCoveredAUD $188.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-ELS-281515  Elevated Leg Support  RawISM-FM-SRN-ELS-281515Elevated Leg SupportRawAUD $88.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-ELS-281515  Elevated Leg Support  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-ELS-281515Elevated Leg SupportCoveredAUD $183.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-STP-131308  Step Block  RawISM-FM-SRN-STP-131308Step BlockRawAUD $14.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-STP-131308  Step Block  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-STP-131308Step BlockCoveredAUD $78.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-HSP-252818  AP/PA Head Support  RawISM-FM-SRN-HSP-252818AP/PA Head SupportRawAUD $108.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-HSP-252818  AP/PA Head Support  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-HSP-252818AP/PA Head SupportCoveredAUD $115.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SRN-HSC-202506  Head Support  RawISM-FM-SRN-HSC-202506Head SupportRawAUD $72.00Add to cart
ISM-FM-SAS-HSC-202506  Head Support  CoveredISM-FM-SAS-HSC-202506Head SupportCoveredAUD $148.00Add to cart

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