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Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System

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Flexible, precise, and reliable.

The Hyperion Digital Projection System brings professional-grade video presentation into the MRI environment.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

A 1080p DLP projection system with continuous frame synchronization capability means that researchers can maintain millisecond-accurate, crystal clear visual stimulus presentation – a requirement for any multi-modal research study. A fully integrated RF-shielded enclosure allows for noise-free data without the image distortion caused by projection through a window.

Digital Light Processing® (DLP) technology provides microsecond pixel rise times, exceptional contrast, brighter whites and darker blacks than LCD displays and projectors. The Hyperion system takes advantage of these features to provide researchers with an affordable and low-maintenance solution.

The Hyperion System allows researchers a high-fidelity visual presentation system that can be placed in the scan room out of the way of other components. Positioning outside the 100-gauss line ensures that components are not exposed to high magnetic fields, which can degrade electronics over time.

All-digital fiber optic control guarantees crystal-clear, sharp images as well as a simple installation which requires only a single fiber connection from the control room to the scanner room. No bulky equipment interfering with the accessibility of the scan room.


  • A Digital Light Processing® (DLP) digital projector providing fast microsecond pixel rise times, high contrast (2500:1) black to white ratio
  • High resolution 1920 x 1080 Customized lens configuration provides crystal clear images with zoom and focus adjustments
  • Output frame rate synchronizes to a 60Hz video input
  • Designed for extreme use; 24 hour 7 day continuous operation
  • 16:9 Widescreen format (standard 4:3 available)
  • RF shielded enclosure utilizing fiber optic data input and filtered power eliminates the possibility of scanner interference
  • Continuous fan operation and thermal cut-out sensor ensures adequate cooling device reliability
  • DVI for fully digital projection
  • DVI to fiber optic cabling allowing projector to be located up to 30 meters from the control room
  • Control Room Console includes a DVI output connection (through the use of an internal DVI splitter) allowing another monitor to be connected and show the same information that is being sent to the projector
  • High resolution rear projection screen provides enough detail to make 6 point text clear and legible

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Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System

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