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Verbatim Launches New USB Flash Drives with Mandatory Security Features

by Luke Molnar

Verbatim® Australia today announced the immediate availability of its new line of Store ‘n’ Go® Corporate Secure USB Flash Drives designed to protect all data contents with mandatory security features. Based on Verbatim”s award-winning line of Store ‘n’ Go Pro USB drives, the new drives feature mandatory safeguards, including hardware-based AES data encryption and anti-tamper password entry protection. The mandatory security features of the new USB drives make them ideal for mass deployment by government agencies, corporations and private enterprises, especially those in medical, legal, research, administrative and financial fields which are faced with critical demands to protect confidential data.

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure USB Drives provide mobile users with a fast, easy way to securely mobilise any type of digital data, including spreadsheets, presentations, music, photos or video clips. However, unlike most USB drives which have optional security measures that are only used advanced security features that have been proven in the field with the Store ‘n’ Go Pro drives, users can transport mission- critical data with confidence because all stored data is encrypted and the hack-resistant password entry system protects their data from unauthorised access, even if the drive is lost or stolen.

To minimise the likelihood of a security breach, the Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure USB drive requires the use of a complex password, which is further protected by a SHA-1 hashing algorithm which ensures that the password in raw form is not stored in the drive’s memory and cannot be “lifted” from the device or the computer’s memory. To protect stored data from dictionary or brute force hack attempts, the Store ‘n’ Go Drive enters lock-down mode and securely erases all data after ten consecutive failed login attempts.

Like Verbatim’s popular Store ‘n’ Go Pro USB drive, the Corporate Secure USB drive features an advanced controller specifically optimised to move large numbers of files to and from the device as quickly as possible. With a maximum write speed of up to14MB/sec and a maximum Read speed of 23MB/sec, users of these new Store ‘n’ Go drives won’t have long wait times. A 100MB folder can be transferred to a host system in less than 7 seconds.

“Organisations that allow the use of unsecured USB drives to carry sensitive data risk accidental disclosure of confidential data”, said Alan Kleeman, Verbatim Sales and Marketing Manager. “With the new Corporate Secure USB Drives, a baseline of security measures is enforced for each and every user. It’s a win-win solution for IT managers and their corporate users because the corporation has the mandatory security they need and the employees have the mobility and convenience they want.”

Featuring an aesthetically pleasing black and chrome design, the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure USB drive’s sharp styling also provides an easy, visual confirmation that corporate employees are using a secure, company approved product. Each drive features a label area that can be used to identify or personalise the device, as well as an individual serial number, making each drive uniquely identifiable. The drives can be easily carried about on a keychain or the safety lanyard that comes with the device.

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure USB drives are also compatible with msystems’ mTrust enterprise security software, a valuable option for organisations that wish to centrally manage their Corporate Secure USB drives or control the use of removable storage devices within the corporate network.

For further information please contact Glenn Honey at Imaging Solutions Ph 07 3219 0822 or email at [email protected]