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Verbatim Announces Archival Grade DVD-R

by Luke Molnar

Verbatim has unveiled a breakthrough in archival media technology with a new type of DVD. The new Archival Grade DVD-R 8x is manufactured using proprietary unique dual reflective layers to maximise both compatibility and longevity. This dual reflective technology is comprised of a silver layer for broad compatibility and a gold layer for long archival life.

The highly reflective silver layer allows the UltraLife DVD-R disc to look like a standard silver disc to DVD drives and recorders. This feature provides a low initial error rate after recording, important for long archival life, and the same drive read/write compatibility as standard silver-only discs.

The gold reflective layer, naturally resistant to corrosion, prevents oxygen from coming through the DVD bonding material and corroding the silver reflective layer. Silver oxidation can be a primary factor which limits the lifetime of DVD media. As a result, the new Verbatim media shows significant improvements over conventional disks in terms of both longevity and compatibility.

All of these features make this new DVD-R media ideal for preserving your precious family photos and home movies as well as archiving critical corporate data.

“The DVD-R markets are growing very quickly worldwide. As a result DVD media moved from being a professional product to being a consumer product and commodity. However, professional users and archivers are still looking for even greater quality and reliability in archiving critical information, often due to legal requirements. Additionally, private customers expect to store media such as films and photos over decades. That`s why we have developed a new technology for the high-end segment that sets new standards in terms of longevity, compatibility and quality”, said Alan Kleeman, National Sales & Marketing Manager for Verbatim Australia New Zealand.

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