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Speech By Mick de Brenni Member of Springwood

by Luke Molnar

Speech By Mick de Brenni Member for Springwood

Record of Proceedings, 2 December 2015

Adjournment Palaszczuk Government, Technology and Innovation Mr de BRENNI (Springwood—ALP) (11:32 pm): We know that innovative manufacturing has the capacity to drive the Queensland economy. Our investment in high-end research capacity has seen some of the world’s best scientists and researchers attracted to Queensland. Thanks to the leadership of the Palaszczuk government, in particular through the Minister for Science and Innovation through the Advance Queensland strategy, Queensland businesses can look forward to continuing support for innovation and business growth. Our commitment to investing in research infrastructure, business innovation and science talent shelling to ensure that Queensland stays at the forefront of high-end research. We also have the opportunity to remain at the high end of innovative and world-leading manufacture.

In the electorate of Springwood we see a great example of this with a Queensland company, Imaging Solutions, leading the world in the delivery and installation of high-end diagnostic imaging storage, display and software. This is the sort of stuff we see used in hospital radiography and radiation therapy departments. I am pleased to report to the House that this local firm, which has been fitting out integrated manufacturing facility, delivering our hospitals with second-to-none equipment. Imaging Solutions, which employs 27 staff currently, will see rapid growth with its local manufacturing facility in Springwood producing products that have traditionally been imported here in Queensland, with significant capacity for export and substantial jobs growth. Imaging Solutions has a simple vision: ‘to improve the quality of health care by providing world market-leading and integrated product and service solutions.’

From my discussions with the leadership of Imaging Solutions I can report that it is most welcoming of our Advance Queensland suite. What we are seeing under the Palaszczuk government is a revitalisation in our economy which is supported by confidence-building measures such as funding QMI Solutions so that its specialist consulting team can continue to help Queensland industry improve by introducing new ideas and business tools to help solve their challenges. Specific measures like our payroll tax rebate initiative. It is no wonder that we have created 43,800 jobs in Queensland in the nine months since January, consisting of 9,000 extra full-time jobs. That is 1,000 extra full-time jobs created every month. That is why, according to independent economic analysis, Queenslanders have more confidence in our economy than they have since the last time Labor was in government. Every Queensland business, worker and family is a whole lot better off than they were under those opposite. The loss of 315 full-time jobs each month under the LNP is a terribly unfortunate record. Thank goodness they sit over on the side of this House today.