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Research Suggests Barco’s 6MP Display Provides Increased Efficiency And Comfort

by Luke Molnar

Ongoing research being conducted by the Montefiore Medical Centre in New York suggests that radiologists can increase their productivity and reduce eye strain during reading sessions by using a single 6-megapixel (MP) display.

An recent article written by Erik L. Ridley and published on AuntMinnie.com quotes Mony Weschler, chief strategist at Montefiore, as stating that although the study is still ongoing, early results have shown shorter reading time and less eye strain for radiologists when using the 6MP display. Weschler discussed the preliminary findings during a scientific session at the recent RSNA 2012 meeting in Chicago.

“What we are already seeing is a significant improvement with [the 6MP display],” Weschler said. “The productivity gains are really quite nice.” The researchers sought to determine whether a single 6MP medical display system could increase radiologist productivity compared to a dual 3MP display system. As a secondary goal, the study team wanted to evaluate whether a single 6MP medical display system reduces eye strain.

The group compared a 6MP DL LED display (Coronis Fusion, Barco), which allows viewing of two 3MP images on a single panel, with two separate 3MP displays (Coronis, Barco). The institution was in the process of replacing its prior displays with the 6MP displays, and the study also helped serve as justification for continued investment in medical displays, Weschler said.

All displays were categorized and DICOM compliance was verified for the study, Weschler said. Calibration was also performed on all systems. Eight radiologists initially participated in the study and performed their regular reading tasks using their normal workflow. Both displays were available in the reading rooms, so radiologists could use the two models at will, he said.

At the end of each reading session, the radiologists completed a feedback form that included the radiologist ID, the display ID, and timing information. Details about the cases read during the session were also included. Radiologists also provided qualitative feedback about the display system they were using.

Weschler noted that the clinical study is still ongoing and more feedback forms will be received and processed in the future. “We definitely have some interesting trends that we are seeing,” Weschler said.

Initial analysis has focused on grayscale studies with computed radiography (CR), he said. Not enough cases for other modalities have been read to reach a conclusion.

The 6MP display caused less eye strain for long reading sessions compared with the 3MP display, Weschler said. In addition, the average time per CR case was 148 seconds on the 6MP display, compared with 183 seconds on the dual 3MP displays.

6MP Upgraded With LED Technology

Barco recently released an upgraded version of their Coronis Fusion 6MP with LED backlit technology. The model is altogether greener with longer life and reduced energy usage.

The display also offers enhanced performance by rendering more JNDs (Just Noticeable Differences) to help see more shades of gray, as well as reduced panel noise.

Barco has also released Coronis 3MP Grayscale and Nio 3MP Color models with LED backlight technology.