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Remote Radiology Reading

Dependable Imaging Wherever You Work

There’s a growing trend in radiology towards doctors doing more reading outside the hospital. But when working remotely, how can you rely on the same level of quality, security and performance you get from medical workstations in the hospital reading room?

To answer that question, Barco developed a solution specifically designed for remote radiology reading, tackling the issues of performance and workflow, security and patient privacy, as well as quality and compliance.

Quality guaranteed
It’s no easy feat to manage a growing number of workstations. That’s why Barco’s remote reading solution includes access to our renowned QAWeb. Automate compliance as well as quality assurance of every remote workstation. Track and report on these from anywhere. What’s more, validated and tested configurations will help QC staff to configure and support remote workstations in no time.

Did you know?

78% of Quality managers struggle to maintain workstations across multiple locations. 68% say workstations used for home reading are particularly challenging to control.

The flexibility you need

No need to transfer a bulky desktop from the hospital to the home office. Now, you have a fully mobile radiology workstation that offers dependable image quality and consistent workflow wherever you work.

Images you can rely on

Expect the same performance as in the hospital reading room. Get access to Barco’s clinical tools for increased accuracy and productivity. And make confident diagnostic decisions anywhere.

The reputation your hospital deserves

Ensure the best working conditions for clinical staff. Enable flexible work schedules and promote a good work life balance through home working opportunities. It’s the best way to attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive market.

“Just dock it”: from laptop to medical display

Meet Barco’s remote reading solution with the validated eGFX box and MXRT display controller connected by Thunderbolt 3™. Small in size but enormous in performance, this solution can drive any high-resolution display used for medical imaging applications. Simply connect your laptop to the box to start reading medical images and get access to additional features, such as Barco’s clinical tools and QAWeb.

Work Smarter

Barco’s SpotView™ tool helps radiologists to increase their reading accuracy by 6% and reduce the time spent on reading exams by no less than 16%.1 Imagine how this can boost your workflow! Now, you have access to all of Barco’s clinical tools, no matter where you are.

Benefits for Everyone


  • More flexible work planning
  • On-call at home, not at the hospital
  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Diagnostic confidence, anywhere

Healthcare IT / PACS Administrators

  • Optimal working conditions to attract top radiologists
  • Medical compliance outside hospital walls
  • Extension of security and patient privacy practices

Quality Managers

  • Remote management of workstations across multiple locations
  • Validated configurations to set up home reading workstations
  • Automated QA & QC reporting

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