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RADsafe Range Launched and Imaging Solutions Sets Its Sights on International Exposure

by Kane Wallmann

Imaging Solutions recently launched its new RADsafe website. The new RADsafe website features a wide range of Personal Radiation Protection PPE products for use in protecting against harmful ionising radiation. Imaging Solutions, based in Brisbane, Australia will manufacture and market RADsafe branded lightweight non-lead aprons, portable shields, radiation safety glass for use in static installations in hospital and medical imaging practices, radiation protection eyewear, headwear, and a wide range of associated accessory lines.

The RADsafe brand, which will initially be exclusively manufactured in Australia, represents a product line extension to Imaging Solutions’ existing market-focused Single Source Supply products portfolio. Kane Wallmann, the marketing manager at Imaging Solutions said “our Single Source Supply platform is committed to minimising transaction costs, reducing search costs, optimising value and product quality, and in providing our customers with quick and easy access to the world’s market-leading brands.”

To support its growth aspirations, Imaging Solutions recently announced the relocation of its manufacturing plant operations to a new site in Meadowbrook, Queensland. The new plant and facilities are substantially larger and offer the enterprise significantly increased capacity to grow in terms of adopting new technology, increasing unit volumes, and scope to invest in the development of new products aligned to its core business in servicing private imaging centres and public and private hospitals. Glenn Honey, CEO of Imaging Solutions said “we are deploying a constrained relatedness strategy across our business to ensure our breadth and depth of offering meets our target market needs.”

He said that “Imaging Solutions is both a manufacturer and a marketer of international leading brand products. The new scalable production and warehousing capacity which will soon be available to support our growth plans coincides with our plans to launch our products into transnational markets including the EMEA, Asia, and USA markets. Plans are advanced to take RADsafe brand products to these geographies where high-quality products which deliver strong price value propositions are in high demand.”

Imaging Solutions’ initial plans to drive sales growth offshore are broad-based. The products and services portfolios selected for initial introduction are broken into five core areas of activity which include:

  1. Manufacturing and supply of market-leading personal radiation protection apparel and equipment.
  2. IT hardware and software integration solutions.
  3. A diverse range of value-added accessory lines including patient transport, medical storage, positioning accessories, and more.
  4. MRI turn-key RF room design, constriction, testing, maintenance, and accessories.
  5. Virtual Environments’ in-room environmental treatment products which include, murals, modality wraps, visual projections, and audio experiences as well as ceiling systems and lights, and panorama visuals.

RADsafe is a registered trademark of Relentless Innovation and is exclusively licensed to Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd, RADsafe Imaging Solutions and Imaging Solutions of America, Inc. For further information please contact Kane Wallmann on +61 7 3209 9712 or [email protected]