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Why do we offer this service?

Imaging Solutions is an environmentally responsible corporate citizen and committed to ensuring the environment is not damaged by any of our products.

Understanding Waste Classification in Australia

According to the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage, waste materials may be classified as:

  • General Solid Waste
  • Restricted Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste

Items classified as ‘General Solid Waste’ may be disposed of at an appropriately licensed landfill, without treatment. Wastes classified as ‘Restricted Solid Waste’ or ‘Hazardous Waste’ need to be disposed of at designated locations and may need to be chemically treated before being disposed of in a landfill. Treatment of waste for disposal to landfill is determined by the level of contaminants present and their properties.


Imaging Solutions Products

Our lead and lead equivalent materials have the following classifications:

  • Products made with light lead and non-lead protective materials are considered ‘general solid waste’ and can be disposed of in an appropriately licensed landfill with no treatment required.
  • Products made with standard lead are considered ‘hazardous waste’ and need to be treated before being sent to a landfill. The majority of products that will need to be disposed of may include protective aprons and apparel such as caps, collars, shin guards, gonad and ovarian belts, and other belt types. Please contact us directly about a specific product should you require more information.

Convenient and Free Apparel Disposal

Our apparel disposal service assists you in disposing of your used apparel safely and in accordance with standards and regulations. Simply box the used item and return it to us with a completed ‘Radiation Protection Product Disposal Request’ proforma (available on our website) and we’ll do the rest. This service is available free or charge for all apparel purchased from Imaging Solutions, and for any competitive products (provided a replacement product or products are purchased from Imaging Solutions)

Return Request Form

Contact Details

Delivery/Collection Details

As a core part of our commitment to cradle-to-grave management of our products, we will take back all radiation protection apparel for recycling, whether it’s RADsafe branded, Imaging Solutions supplied, or from a competitor.

Simply place your used radiation protection apparel in the box provided and return it to us, postage paid, with the details below and we’ll ensure your radiation protection equipment avoids landfill.