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Queensland’s 2021 Export Awards

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions Announced Winner of the International Health Award

Thanks to the growing international demand for high-quality Australian made products Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd is proud to announce its recent investment in the development of a dedicated precinct of new buildings and infrastructure committed exclusively to locally manufacturing radiation protection products. The new investments have been made in response to growing international market demand globally.

The new infrastructure investment substantially expands Imaging Solutions’ operations scale and the range offering it is now able to manufacture locally. A comprehensive array of advanced manufacturing state of the art equipment and cutting-edge technologies has been acquired to effectively close supply chain gaps and deliver supply chain security to Australia in this specialist medical products space.

The recent EMDG grants program undertaken by The Queensland Government has most critically allowed Imaging Solutions to invest in extruder technology which will allow the company to commence local manufacturing of core materials which are the heart and are the barrier of the PPE apparel worn by surgeons, radiologists, radiographers, clinical and nursing team members to protect against harmful ionising radiation.

The EMDG Queensland Government onshoring program means Imaging Solutions will soon be able to manufacture products in Australia as well as create unmatched capacity in terms of export supply to global manufacturers of personal radiation protection apparel PPE around the globe. Other products and services included in the new precinct’s facilities are MRI RF Cage turn-key production facilities, radiation and acrylic custom glass cutting, lead lining production facilities for walls, doors and windows and a wide range of accessory products used exclusively for imaging applications.

Located in Meadowbrook, Logan. The new facility will substantially increase Imaging Solutions’ manufacturing capacity. Critically the expanded scale of the new operation coupled with the company’s growth aspirations for both local and international market share means there exists strong and steadily increasing demand for skilled labour. Proximity to the Logan Hospital Medical Precinct, transport hubs and other infrastructure were key location considerations. Keep an eye on our new careers page for potential positions that may arise.

Expanding Export Markets

Imaging Solutions reach into international export markets is rapidly accelerating and most recently Imaging Solutions has entered the USA market. The US market is the worlds largest manufacturer of Personal Radiation Protection Apparel (PPE). Thus far, the market response has been very positive and sale levels are growing well across all the geographies into which the product has been introduced. The Imaging Solutions range offering includes compliance certifications to meet international standards.

Established Export Markets

United States, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, Cyprus, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Greece, Bahrain, Rwanda, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Spain, Jordan, Libya, Ireland, United Kingdom, Benin / Togo, Mali, and Iraq.