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Reduces the Risk of Drug Diversion

WasteLog® is a new system that better manages the workflow that prevails when analyzing the returns of narcotic drugs within a drug diversion prevention program. WasteLog® provides a fast, robust and highly accurate result in under 3 seconds.

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A key driver of drug diversion is the handling of medical waste, specifically unused narcotic drugs. Controlled substances that remain unopened after a completed surgical procedure need to be returned to the pharmacy. Similarly, opened but unused substances must be discarded. A quick test with WasteLog® will instantly verify a solution’s identity and concentration, thereby ensuring that it has not been tampered with. Using WasteLog® in your return procedure or waste disposal stream will help prevent attempts to divert controlled substances to illicit and inappropriate use.

Key Features of WasteLog®

  • Fast, robust and highly accurate result in <3 seconds
  • Vital component of Diversion Prevention programs
  • Measurement graphics available for qualitative analysis
  • Allows customers to calibrate new drugs themselves
  • Validates controlled drugs not consumed in the OR
  • Non-destructive: sample available for follow-up testing
  • Helps prevent elusive diversion attempts with data analysis

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