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VisuaStim Digital

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VisuaStim digital - Setting New Standards in fMRI

VisuaStim Digital is the most advanced all-digital audio-visual stimulation technology available today for functional MRI applications (fMRI). It combines crystal clear, high-resolution digital video with high-quality digital sound to deliver unsurpassed realism. Developed in consultation with world-renowned research and educational facilities, it meets the most stringent research requirements.

A New World of Research Possibilities

Dual-display stereoscopic video yields 3D images, which deliver visual paradigms that appear to emerge from the screen. With industry-leading 500,000 pixels per 0.25 square inch area, even small text delivered right from a PC is clear and readable. The unit has a refresh rate of up to 85 Hz. Each pixel is illuminated independently without the need for backlighting, enabling an industry-leading contrast ratio that is maintained in magnetic fields ever greater than 4.7T. This compares with LCD-based displays on competing products where the contrast changes dramatically in magnets greater than 3T.

Turnkey fMRI - It's That Easy

An optional eye tracker module, with software that records ocular movement and synchronizes with EPI sequences, creates a state-of-the-art turnkey fMRI system. From a sleek, lightweight headset to eye-relief optics, the system is designed for sophisticated visual and auditory tasks and for your subject's comfort. The system also integrates with our 3D stimulation software and FuncLab post processing server and presentation software. MRILaserLink technology makes system set-up a breeze.


  • All digital dual-display video with 0..5 megapixel resolution in a 0.25 square area.
  • 30 degree horizontal field of view.
  • MRI LaserLink technology with all-digital audio and video relay from the console to the MRI headset.
  • Optional eye tracker technology and recording software.
  • Dual video display 3D capability.
  • Rated for 0.2 to 4.7T field strength magnets.
  • Digital audio system with 30 dB noise-attenuating headset with 40Hz.-40 kHz. frequency response.
  • Head mounted display operates inside the magnet bore with no artifacts or detrimental effects on S/O ratio.
Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

We Make it Possible

Resonance Technology Company, Inc. (RTC) is a manufacturer of Audio/Video devices for patient comfort and fMRI research, which is located in Southern California. RTC has endeavored to provide the most advanced, high-quality audio and video devices in an effort to make the MRI scanning process safer, more pleasant, and less costly for both Patients and operators. Our ultimate goal is to help the MRI reach its full potential as the most advanced imaging modality to date.

We aim to raise expectations for MRI patient comfort devices as well as functional research tools. RTC is dedicated to manufacturing a superior product that offers an excellent return on investment for clinics, while alleviating claustrophobia or anxiety for patients in a clinical setting. We also hope to give researchers the tools they need to advance their studies in human brain function.

We firmly believe in MRI as the single most useful and versatile imaging modality and strive to make it even more so. Resonance Technology has set the pace for the industry with its unique all-digital virtual reality and audio MRI entertainment systems as well as advanced fMRI technology.

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VisuaStim Digital

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