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Tobii Pro X3-120

Psychology Software Tools

Fully-mobile, Powerful for Detailed Research

The Tobii Pro X3-120 is our latest screen-based eye tracker and has a sampling rate of 120 Hz. It features the latest eye tracking technology advancements.

The system provides exceptional flexibility and accommodates a wide array of human behavior studies. The ultra-slim, light design makes for a compact solution, ideal for studies in authentic research environments. The Pro X3-120 is capable of tracking more people than ever before, and the discrete form factor promotes unobtrusive data collection.

The system shows exactly where people are looking and, with a sampling rate of 120 Hz, it is designed for detailed research into the timing and duration of fixations. The Pro X3-120 is perfect for both qualitative and quantitative research, e.g., calculation of different eye tracking metrics.

Versatile for a broad spectrum of studies

The Pro X3-120 can be used with a variety of screens – laptops, PC monitors, tablets, or TVs.

The system can be mounted on screens up to 25″ in size. We offer accessories in order to make research with mobile devices easier. The Pro X3-120’s high-quality tracking of large gaze angles (up to 36 degrees) allows you to also study large populations.

There are additional accessories to accommodate studies of real-world stimuli, such as physical objects or people.

Easy to use

Simple setup, configuration, and automation promote efficient eye tracking studies.

  • Attaches easily with supplied mounting solutions for various screens
  • Works in a controlled environment using the supplied external processing unit or connects directly into your PC (using a USB 3.0 cable)
  • Simple configuration for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Supports Mac OS X and Linux using the external processing unit
  • Calibrates subjects quickly and automatically

“Eye tracking is invaluable in our research to gain deep insights into information acquisition and preference formation in marketing communication and consumer decision-making processes. The new Tobii Pro X3-120 tracks more people than any other system we’ve seen to date. With this extremely robust and highly-mobile solution, we can study more consumers more efficiently and get more data of high quality. This is a major step forward.”

Rik Pieters, Professor of Marketing, School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Captures natural behavior

Subjects can be tracked while moving their head freely positioned at a natural distance from the screen, and the device is hardly noticed. This creates a distraction-free test environment, promoting natural human behavior.

  • Tolerates a variety of head movements
  • Collects highly-accurate data at close distances, such as a laptop, to longer distance, such as an ATM
  • Blends perfectly into the research environment with its ultra-slim, discreet design
  • Stable and reliable eye tracking calibrations eliminate the need for recalibration

Accurate and robust tracking

The system’s exceptionally-high accuracy and unparalleled tracking robustness in real-life conditions ensure high-quality data while allowing you to work with a wide cross-section of your population.

  • Created with the latest technology advancements from Tobii Pro
  • Delivers exceptionally accurate gaze-position data within the entire tracking box
  • Tracks more people than ever before, regardless of ethnicity or corrective lenses
  • Detects eyes instantly with minimum data loss during blinks or if subjects look away
  • Maintains accuracy and tracking robustness during subjects’ head movement and in ambient light
  • Alternates between bright and dark pupil eye tracking in a predefined, systematic way
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Tobii Pro X3-120

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