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TenderTouch™ Tape For Thermoplastic Masks 418


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Protect patients from the rough edges of thermoplastic masks and provide maximum patient comfort during head and neck radiation therapy treatments.

Flexible, scored, soft cushioned tape easily molds around cut edges of masks, Tape sticks consistently to the thermoplastic material throughout treatment.

Fade-resistant so that orientation marks remain visible. Not made with natural rubber latex. Hypoallergenic.

Dosimetric Properties of TenderTouch™
The effects on surface dose of TenderTouch foam adhesive material is minimal and could be ignored in most clinical situations. In particular, the incremental change in surface dose for this material relative to the effect of the thermoplastic is not considered clinically significant in most foreseeable situations.

  • 200cm cut to measure roll - 2.5cm wide cushioned tape
  • Scored for easy application to cut edges of thermoplastic masks
  • Durable marking surface - fade resistant so orientation marks stay visible throughout treatment
  • Ideal for masks that are cut because of claustrophobia, tightness, bite blocks, electron field, bolus and more
TenderTouch™ Tape For Thermoplastic Masks 418

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