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Take-Apart Pixy


**RS-103CT includes extra organs including Liver, Large Intestine, and Heart

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Anthropomorphic Training/Teaching Phantom, Dis-Assembles Into 9 Parts

TAKE-APART PIXY’s small size and low weight simplifies positioning, as it can be positioned for most views. Models with organs accept contrast media. PIXY can be purchased as: Opaque or Transparent

TAKE-APART PIXY is used to demonstrate anatomy as well as evaluate positioning and imaging techniques, including kVp, mAs, contrast, optical density, OFD and TFD. Radiographs of PIXY are optically equivalent to density and contrast to human patients.

TAKE-APART PIXY allows unlimited exposures and tolerates trainee errors, permits evaluation of student performance.

  • An anatomically and radiologically correct female
  • Small size and low weight simplify positioning
  • Can be positioned for most views
  • Permits evaluation of student performance
  • Organs accept contrast media
  • Opaque or transparent


TAKE-APART PIXY’S shoulders have ball and socket joints. Elbows and knees flex 90° to 100°. A “frog position” is possible at the hips. The right hand is molded with fingers positioned for an AP view. The left hand is positioned in oblique-lateral position. The feet are in natural position.

C1, C2, C6, and C7 were converted to mechanical nylon joints because educators in the field prefer full positioning capabilities for the head. This design permits the remaining neck vertebrae to be fixed in a normal position, while assuring a full range of head motion.

TAKE-APART PIXY may be ordered with or without: abdominal and pelvic organs: stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, kidneys, rectum, and sigmoid flexure. These are air-filled, but accept water or contrast media and can be easilflushed after use. Custom fractures and custom pathologies are optional at additional cost.

The skull of PIXY has frontal and sphenoidal sinuses, ethmoidal and mastoid air cells and the auditory ossicles. Bone sutures are radiographically visible.

Soft tissues are available in opaque or transparent tissue-equivalent materials. The transparent PIXY has visible organs and skeleton.

Standard PIXY lungs are molded of tissue-equivalent foam with the mass density of inflated human lungs (0.30 g/cc). They are connected to the oro-nasal cavity by the stem bronchi and trachea. The oro-nasal pharynx is filled with a nearly air-equivalent foam.

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Original PIXY, Take-Apart PIXY


RS-102 The original opaque PIXY Phantom, RS-102T Transparent Version of RS-102, RS-103 Fill Ports and Organs, RS-103CT** Dual modality, CT and X-Ray, RS-103T Transparent, Fill Ports and Organs, RS-104 Organs Only, NO FILL PORTS, RS-104T Transparent, Organs Only, NO FILL PORTS, RS-105 NO ORGANS OR FILL PORTS, RS-105T Transparent, NO ORGANS OR FILL PORTS

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Take-Apart Pixy

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