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An audio and visual display for entertainment and fMRI paradigm delivery within the MRI suite, SensaVue offers benefits for both the patient and clinician. With several media entertainment options available to the patient, SensaVue can help ease the MRI experience. Not limited to entertainment, SensaVue also has the ability to deliver existing and custom-designed research paradigms for neurological exams. Its flexible design allows clinicians to place the mobile stand virtually anywhere in the MRI suite up to 3.0 Tesla.

Enhance patient experience and comfort

SensaVue HD is a presentation-only system with control room and in-magnet display hardware that runs a variety of media entertainment options during routine, clinical MRI exams. Providing a sensory experience for patients, SensaVue can help ease the potential stress brought on by in-bore exams. In addition to SensaVue’s audio and video library, patients can also bring their own media.

Flexible multi-media controls

SensaVue accepts signals from up to three digital or auxiliary input sources. The operator can adjust each media display and speaker volume to suit the patient’s needs. Clinicians can also utilize these inputs to incorporate their own programs.

Display fMRI paradigms

In addition to all the SensaVue HD features, the fMRI option offers a paradigm suite of clinical fMRI tasks that provide proven activation of the motor, visual, auditory and language regions of the brain. Clinicians have the option to utilize one of the preloaded paradigms or incorporate custom paradigms. Button response devices included with the fMRI package capture real-time patient reactions.

fMRI paradigms provide advanced analysis and treatment planning

Ten clinically proven fMRI paradigms are pre-loaded with the system and are set to synchronize with the MR scanning protocol. Existing clinical or custom research paradigms can also be projected through the system. Create your own custom block paradigms using Paradigm Studio*

*license required
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Four Core Xeon E5-1603, 2.8GHz, 10MB Cache

Graphics Card

nVIDIA Quadro 600 1 GB, 1DP + 1DVI

DVD +/- RW drive

Gigabit Ethernet network adapter


4GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz (8GB Total)

Hard Drive


Operating System

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

System Dimensions

36” W x 36” D x 69” H

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