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Pediatric Whole Body Phantom PBU-70

Kyoto Kagaku

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The New Kyoto Kagaku Pediatric Whole Body Phantom modeled after a 4-year-old child of 42"(105cm) tall. This phantom is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in KYOTO KAGAKU original soft tissue substitute.

  • Movable joints allow basic positioning for plain X-ray.
  • Training and research applications can be enriched by disassembling the phantom into 10 individual parts (head, limbs and trunk).
  • Main joints have life-like articulation, allowing various positioning for training.
  • The phantom has no metal parts or liquid structures.

Also available in a bone fracture version for training maltreatment detection.

Optional parts

41303-060 storage case for PH-2C

Pediatric Whole Body Phantom PBU-70

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