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Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts

PHS West Inc.

Minimize stress on staff when portable cases become more frequent. Just one person will gain the freedom of transporting supplies both safely and easily with the implementation of an Ergo-Express® Dialysis Cart allowing for efficient social-distancing practices. Designed to accommodate any portable water treatment equipment and hemodialysis machines, the modular design lends compatibility with any current or past manufacturers, portable R.O.’s and carbon filtration systems. Available upgraded wheel bases for your hemodialysis machines and custom water treatment equipment carts as well. The PHS West, Inc. team consistently maintains a current offering of compatible solutions for all manufacturer’s equipment. As no two dialysis department’s portable setup is the same, tell us what you need and how you want it positioned; we build your portable cart to suit.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

Motorized Two-Piece Cart

With the Ergo-Express® Motorized Dialysis Cart | Two Piece, water treatment equipment is housed on the motorized platform; hitch any of your hemodialysis machines up and you’re ready to go. With the two piece dialysis carts you can now travel as one piece, disconnect in the patient’s room for more convenient positioning of water treatment next to the water source and the hemodialysis machine next to the patient’s bed.

Motorized One-Piece

If a two piece cart doesn’t fit your current process, call PHS West, Inc. to discuss a design where all equipment is on one custom motorized platform.

Push Two-Piece

While fitting all current equipment, this two-piece system connects water treatment equipment and the dialysis machine for transport and separates both pieces for easy positioning at the patient’s bedside.

Medical Carts, Power Drive and Patient Belongings Solutions

PHS West, Inc. has been manufacturing material handling equipment, departmental specific carts, and our OP/ER Valet® Patient Belongings System for the healthcare market for more than two decades. Our understanding of not just certifications required by today’s hospitals but more so the personal touch that is expected, be it without a request. Our products were the first of their kind built to the requirements of today’s hospitals and continue to be the standard our competitors strive for but rarely achieve.

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Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts

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