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Head End Table Shield 313/A3


The flexible 0.5 mm Pb top shield included with this head end shield can bend toward the patient or fold down when required or be removed completely.

This lower body table shield reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body. It slides onto the head end and protects physicians or others nearby. It comprises a 57 cm wide central section and two 31 cm wide pivotal side wings, supporting an 80 cm long flexible 0.5mm Pb equivalent curtain. The wings can extend along the table or around the user. The flexible 57 cm wide x 27 cm high top shield folds down when required.


  • The shield slides onto the carbon fibre top and maintains its position by means of side friction clamps, which allows simple positioning, but prevents unwanted slip even when the table is tilted.
  • The two pivotal side wings can be formed around the user without gaps or extended along the table then folded neatly away according to preference. They can be quickly repositioned to allow full C-arm movement.
  • The flexible 0.5 mm Pb top shield can bend toward the patient or fold down when required or be removed completely.
  • The optional wall rack provides convenient storage after use. Once secured to the rack the shield side wings fold neatly inwards to reduce wall space.

Table shield for use with a 500 mm wide Allura AD7 table

Optional wall rack

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Head End Table Shield 313/A3

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