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Full Body X-Ray And Radiographic Positioning Manikin

Erler Zimmer

This world-first phantom offers first-class training and positioning technology in projection radiography.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

The phantom contains a natural human skeleton as well as the outlines of the larynx, lungs, heart and kidneys (organs appear as shadows on the x-ray images), thus the phantom can make real x-rays as in the patient. By using the true skeleton, lead structures in the bone can be recognised, which is not possible with plastic skeletons.

When assembling the phantom, special emphasis is placed on the appearance of the joint space. The joints are fully movably mounted, allowing the phantom and allow storage in the normal x-ray positions (eg frog position, Pro- and supination of the forearm). The arms can be moved upwards, so that the model can also be used for all bony examinations in CT.

Each phantom is a handmade unique, which may vary in size and design. Depending on the model pathological findings may be present, the appearance may differ depending on the size of the model.

  • Soft body contains a real skeleton
  • Perfect for training of positioning and alignment techniques
  • Robust and flexible
  • High details - even the smallest guiding structures are visible
  • Anatomical correct joint spaces and life-like articulation techniques
  • Offers evaluation of trainings in a realistic environment
  • 40 kg
Full Body X-Ray And Radiographic Positioning Manikin

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