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E-Prime® Extensions for Net Station™

Psychology Software Tools

Optimize E-Prime® experiment communication with Philips Neuro (EGI) EEG systems.

Working together, Psychology Software Tools and EGI have developed a workstation that allows the researcher to take advantage of the flexibility and ease of use of E-Prime in the demanding environment of ERP experiments.

The workstation includes the E-Prime for Net Station software and a CPU/single-monitor hardware configuration that has been tested for reliability and accuracy with the Net Station data acquisition software.

E-Prime for Net Station, like its E-Prime, is a revolutionary software suite designed for creating and running psychological experiments.

E-Prime for Net Station allows the user to develop experiments using either its intuitive graphical user’s environment or its scripting language and then to run those experiments in conjunction with Net Station to create millisecond-precision ERP experiments using visual or auditory stimuli.

Please contact your local Philips Neuro (EGI) representative to upgrade to EENS 3.0.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

Psychology Software Tools, Inc has been part of the research community – creating products for research and publishing our own studies – since 1987. We’re constantly brainstorming ways to improve our products and communicating with our users to learn what they need to make the next scientific breakthrough.

Our team of researchers, developers, engineers, solutions consultants, and support technicians work across teams to accomplish one goal: facilitating the advancement of science by helping the research community. PST has teamed up with the leading companies across the behavioral research field to bring you seamless integrations needed for your research. To accommodate our customers worldwide, we offer a network of dedicated resellers who can get our products in your hands with ease and affordability.

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E-Prime® Extensions for Net Station™

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