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DynaSuite Neuro

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Advanced visualization for neuro analysis

DynaSuite Neuro is an advanced post-processing system with a clinically focused workflow and a unique ability to perform automated processing of data acquired from multiple MR vendors. From diagnosis to treatment planning, DynaSuite Neuro offers custom tools for advanced applications in one easy-to-use package designed for neuroradiologists.

View and control findings with a robust display

The Smart Fusion Review summarizes findings with multi-layered 2D or 3D renderings of anatomical or processed data results. Users can review external landmarks or select skull stripping to unveil a vessel map or any other underlay. The 3D display provides rotations, cut planes, and adjustable thresholds that offer distinct clinical insights.

Insightful fMRI reviews

The fMRI Review displays results from BOLD epi sequences over high resolution anatomical images. Block paradigm fMRI activation maps can be calculated and plotted with time course graphs. A motion check feature offers insights into paradigm integrity and ROI voxel statistics. Threshold and opacity overlay settings are adjusted with sliders.

Comprehensive displays of results for a wide range of applications

The Diffusion Review provides parallel displays of processed results for both high b-value diffusion and diffusion tensor data. ROIs defined from ADC or FA maps can be applied to colored directional maps for fiber tracking and a variety of clinical conditions and treatments.

View and compare blood flow patterns with Dynamic Review

Simultaneously view color flow maps illustrating rCBV, rCBF, MTT, rTTP, and permeability leakage maps. View a real-time susceptibility curve on a voxel-by-voxel basis or over an ROI for statistical analysis comparisons.

Effective, efficient Quality Checks

DynaSuite Neuro streamlines your workflow with automated post-processing. Comprehensive Quality Checks for each application provide an extra measure of confidence. Quality control hangings make it easy to visually check the alignment and co-registration of result data. Users can adjust settings and positions applied to final computations.

Export results to archives or to your presurgical planning system

Archive user-created result images and final reports to your PACS system to be combined and stored with original study data. Images can also be exported to compatible surgical planning and navigation systems.

DynaSuite Neuro

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