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Dynamic Breathing Phantom

Radiology Support Devices Inc.

Industry Standard for Planning Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy

  • Based on the Alderson Radiation Therapy (ART) Phantom
  • Complex plastic simulation of a humanoid torso
  • Programmable chest movement of 1 cm and more
  • Elastic lungs with realistic respiratory density
Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

The breathing phantom control software

The Breathing Phantom is delivered with control software developed at RSD using industry standard LabView ™ software. This ensures compatibility with evolving Microsoft Windows ™ computer system software. The software communicates via Universal Serial Bus (USB) with an industry standard data acquisition and control module. Durable and transferred user run-time licenses for these software and control components are provided with the breathing phantom.

Independent motions are provided for lung and target waveform, phase, and rate.

The breathing phantom system

Dynamic Dan: Model RS-1500

  • Phantom Control Software for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, VISTA)
  • USB attached Control Hardware with 100 foot vault cabling (150 foot optional)
  • Electro-pneumatic motion controller
  • The Breathing Phantom thoracic mannequin
  • Target fixtures for imaging and radiation dosimetry
  • Individual thorax and target motions & rates: sin2, sin4, sin6, 1-sin4, 1-sin6, 5-20 breath/min

Founded by Samuel W. Alderson, the inventor of the crash test dummy and anthropomorphic test devices, RSD continues to be the industry leader with customizable, educational, and QC solutions for the global medical diagnostic and radiation therapy community.

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Dynamic Breathing Phantom

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