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DICOM Conversion


If you are looking for a professional solution made to convert healthcare data into DICOM format, DICOM IZER is the best choice.

In Europe, the software ACETIAM DICOM Izer is a class I medical device manufactured by NEHS DIGITAL. It is a regulated healthcare product which, under this regulation, carries the CE mark.

It is designed for capturing, recording, and converting all types of medical images, videos and X-ray films into DICOM format.

Parties using this medical device should carefully review the conditions and recommendations of use in the User’s Manual beforehand.

Dicomization, for simple integration and sharing of medical data

This intuitive and easy to use solution enable to dicomize images and videos from any specialty, and allow a storage in DICOM format into the PACS, in compliance with IHE recommandations, HIPAA regulation and DICOM standards.

This DICOM conversion tool allows especially to secure patient data and improve their traceability.

As it integrate itself in directly inside the existing infrastructure (SIH, PACS, patient record), you can have a direct access of images and videos through the patient record. Thus, you decrease costs and improve your productivity.

When ACETIAM DICOM IZER is included in ACETIAM MACS as an option, it allows medical images exchange through telemedicine.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive : Ergonomic and complete module to acquire, edit images and videos of your medical specialty, and convert them in DICOM format
  • Respect of standards : In accordance with the DICOM standard, with IHE recommendations or HIPAA regulation, the DICOM conversion module allows to secure patient’s data and to improve their traceability
  • Costs reduction and productivity enhance : It integrates itself directly in the existing infrastructure (PACS and patient case). The direct access to images and videos via the patient case will allow you to gain time

ACETIAM, the first French Telemedicine Editor and Operator, connects medical specialists and Healthcare Facilities, in real time and in a safe manner.

A range of solutions

ACETIAM targets as much healthcare professionals in public hospital, as private Medical Imaging Offices by offering the 3 necessary features of an imaging network :

  • Telemedicine: Secure and Structured exchanges of medical images via Internet
  • Medical Imaging Diffusion to patients and referring physicians (CD/DVD burning system, Patients’ exams and booklet printing, and Web Diffusion);
  • Integration and Archiving/Storage of Patients’ data (CD/images/videos/documents), and Management of Patient Worklists

Our vision

At ACETIAM, we think that when healthcare professionals exchange medical images in real time, quality and safety in the treatment processing get better. All ACETIAM colleagues, give all their energy to this goal.

Proof of Security and Durability

ACETIAM, created in 1997, keeps growing in France and internationally (subsidiary in United States). ACETIAM Solutions are based on open Standards (DICOM, IHE, HL7) on which ACETIAM is one of the most recognized international actor.

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