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A Highly-Optimized and User-Friendly Software Package for the Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Modal Brain Imaging Data

BrainVoyager is a highly optimized and user-friendly software package for the analysis and visualization of multi-modal brain imaging data, not only for structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging data sets but, since BV version 2.0, also for EEG and MEG data sets in combination with MR measurements. The program runs on all major computer platforms including Windows (XP, Vista), Linux (i.e., RedHat, SUSE) and Mac OS X (10.4+). In order to obtain maximum speed on each platform, BrainVoyager has been completely programmed in C++ with optimized and highly efficient statistical, numerical, and image processing routines.

The 3D graphics environment (“surface module”) has been implemented using OpenGL. The interactive graphical user interface was built using the award-winning cross-platform QT library. In combining the best cross-platform technology, BrainVoyager provides a native and responsive user interface on all supported platforms. For further details about the development of BrainVoyager, read the “Cerebral Success” press release.

BrainVoyager provides a comprehensive cross-platform solution embodied in a single product. The software allows easy exchange of data between platforms handling transparently potential byte order differences (“big endian” vs “little endian”). Data analyzed on one platform – Windows, for example – can be moved to another platform – such as Mac OS X on PowerPC – and further processed without problem.

Note, that BrainVoyager requires a HASP cross-platform dongle for a single computer. The HASP license system allows you to use the program on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. With your purchase of BrainVoyager, you will receive executables for all these platforms.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

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