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Bambach Saddle Seat

A revolutionary seating solution

The Bambach Saddle Seat was designed by an Australian Occupational Therapist in 1988, after years of worldwide research on seated posture. The creator, Mary Gale, worked in consultation with an Engineer, Physiotherapist, and another Occupational Therapist to finalise the design that is the Bambach Saddle Seat today.

To date, thousands of seats have been used in hospitals across Australia, by medical practitioners, dentists, universities, large corporations and small home offices. The creation of the Bambach Saddle Seat has been a revolution in seating, providing an ergonomic prevention tool for those concerned in protecting their spinal health, and an incredible rehabilitation solution for those returning to strength and wellbeing.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is the original Saddle Seat and is protected by Australian design.

Perfect working posture is possible

Incredibly, over 95% of people working in the medical imaging industry are affected by musculoskeletal injuries. These types of injuries are damaging not only to your industry as a whole, but to people’s well-being and overall health. Bambach medical imaging ergonomic seating can help improve this alarming statistic by preventing and relieving back, neck and shoulder strain while you work.

Why the Bambach medical imaging chair is the best choice for your practice

  • Improves shoulder stability to minimise the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
  • Helps maintain good posture for balanced scanning.
  • Engages the core muscles, enabling you to move without strain while fully supported.
  • Increases safe reach for efficient and effective scanning.
  • Eliminates shoulder, neck and back pain by promoting upright posture and ensuring joints are in balance.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is the only seat:

  • Available in four seat sizes to suit body shape and gender.
  • Fitted with shorter adjustment paddles to allow the sitter to get closer to patient beds.
  • Customised with specialised castors to meet WHS requirements in Australia.
  • Offering multiple height options to suit shared scanning rooms.
  • Available with a swing arm option to help reduce spinal stress while leaning.

The Bambach medical imaging ergonomic chair can be used as a sonographer stool and radiologist chair. It is used in over 150 medical imaging departments and private practices nationwide.