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Developer Solutions

Developers, OEMs, engineers and IT administrators rely on our advanced toolkit and utility suite to reduce the design cycle, create, troubleshoot and manage complex enterprise medical imaging systems and speed time to market for innovative solutions of their own. Our DICOM toolkit enables software developers to implement a medical imaging application or modality with full DICOM connectivity with a minimum of effort. Our suite of DICOM and HL7 utilities give users a range of advanced capabilities to effectively develop, test and manage medical imaging systems.

Solution Components

Use these full-featured components for a customized solution:

  • DCF - DICOM Connectivity Framework (DCF) SDK
  • PowerTools - DICOM & HL7 Utilities

Working in a Specialized Domain?

The DCF toolkit supports development of a spectrum of solutions in specialized imaging domains. Whether your solution needs include Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), DICONDE, DICOS, veterinary imaging, dental imaging, digital mammography or clinical research, Laurel Bridge has you covered.