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Patient radiation dose monitoring

by Luke Molnar

New DoseMonitor® software allows real-time dose monitoring with enterprise-level reporting!

A long-held medical principle is that a patient should only undergo a examination or procedure when the risk of conducting the examination or procedure is less than the risk of not doing so. Unfortunately, when it comes to medical imaging, an important part of the risk analysis for a given examination of procedure, namely a patient’s exposure history, is often unable to be taken into account. This is usually because either the patient’s data is not available, or it is not able to be quickly and correctly interpreted and transformed into a informative risk factor.

An innovative software platform is now allowing the identification of a patient’s potential excessive radiation exposure – before it occurs. DoseMonitor®

Developed by PHS Technologies Group LLC, DoseMonitor®’s unique software identifies patients who may be at risk for ionizing radiation overexposure at the time an exam is ordered.

DoseMonitor® provides near-time visibility and alerts to potential excessive patient radiation dose before additional exposure occurs. Using DoseMonitor®’s proprietary intelligence engine, healthcare facilities can now compare, aggregate and interpret data from ionizing radiation sources on a patient, study or modality basis to accurately depict historical dose indices. Customer controlled multi-level alerts assure timely notification of the DoseMonitor® warnings. DoseMonitor® offers integration to other third party systems for reporting.

Based on industry standard architecture, DoseMonitor® is vendor neutral and supports all major DICOM compliant imaging devices and systems.

“Dose monitoring and reduction is a priority in the medical imaging community and among regulators, and we believe DoseMonitor 2.0 is the right tool to help hospitals and practitioners perform needed tests while monitoring risk and staying in compliance,” said Mike Battin, Chief Operating Officer of PACSHealth LLC, which owns PHS Technologies Group LLC.

DoseMonitor® offers the following capabilities:

Identifies devices and examination procedures that do not meet dose specifications.
Compares, aggregates and interprets data from ionizing radiation sources on a patient, study or modality basis.
Mathematical algorithms combine with technology dose values to calculate exposure.
Integrates OEM, calibrated data and calculated data to assess exposure.
Reports patient jacket summary, study level statistics, modality level statistics, e-mail alerts to ensure timely notification.
Compatible with any vendor imaging technology.