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New Technical Products Catalogue

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions have announced the release of a new full line Technical Imaging Products Catalogue. The 450 page Catalogue builds on the strategic positioning of Imaging Solutions as a Single Source Supplier. Showcased in the catalogue compilation is a comprehensive range offering featuring global market leading brand products suitable for use in general and specialist imaging applications.

Modular catalogue design principles have been adopted in the development and production process which has resulted in an application based segmentation of the products available. The products available have been separated into 20 distinct sub categories. This allows users to easily search and identify specific product solutions suited to their specific modality, environmental or application needs.

Glenn Honey Marketing Manager at Imaging Solutions claims this resource is the first comprehen- sive reference manual of its kind focusing specifically on imaging accessory products. He Say`s The radiographic market has historically been served well by various niche product suppliers specialis- ing in various products areas. This new “Single Source Supply” access model brings together all the products in one place and simultaneously also significantly reduces prospective users search costs and transaction costs overall”.

The new technical manual will also be available on line and will be supported by a state of the art on line purchasing platform. The new online purchasing environ- ment allows visitors to the site to order on line, gain quotes and down load pages or complete sub sections of the catalogue. Additional technical information and a variety of account management tools are also available. The web environment fea- tures all the bench mark functionality on line users like along with many uniquely advanced value adding features.

The new catalogue will be released to the Market in late February and will be of- ficially launched at the AIR conference in Perth in March 2007. To secure a copy of the resource prospective users are requested to either contact Imaging Solutions by phone, fax or email or alternatively register on line.

For further information please contact Glenn Honey at Imaging Solutions Ph 07 3219 0822 or email at [email protected]