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New RadLab Makes Checking Compliance Easy

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions has announced plans to establish a Radiation Attenuation Testing Lab for the exclusive purpose of supporting hospitals and medical imaging practices. It is intended that our new lab will assist owners and users of personal radiation protection (PPE) in verifying the compliance of the radiation protection products they have deployed in their hospitals, practices, or work places.

Spokesperson for Imaging Solutions and CEO Glenn Honey said “The decision to establish the new RadLab facility here in Queensland coincides with our new production facility, which is multifaceted, in so far as there existed a raft of needs in the market that were not being addressed. Most concerning of these was the fact that many of the products imported from overseas do not meet the standards relevant to Australian I.E.C. CE requirements. Users of these products are often handed manufacturers test reports which are generally accepted without question due to the restrictive time, cost, and access to a testing facility. As a leading supplier of radiation protection products, we want to easily test our products for compliance throughout the production process. This kind of random onsite testing of manufacturing is not currently possible by manufacturers anywhere else in the world at present.”

Imaging Solution’s new lab will be managed by Dr John Laban, who is a distinguished scientist, physicist, and specialist in the science of radiation detection, measurement, and reporting. The new RadLab will be located at Shailer Park and is intended to offers users access to a defined range of testing and reporting services on a fee for service basis.

Capable of testing radiation protection leaded and non-lead aprons, the new facility will also be able to test leaded glass eyewear, leaded and non-leaded gloves, drapes, head, and shin protection. Users may wish to take advantage of Imaging Solutions hire fleet service during their annual testing on a rotation basis. Hospitals, private imaging practices, and even manufacturers will be able to outsource their annual compliance testing and reporting at our facility.

The new RadLab facility is expected to be fully operational early next year.