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New Linear Skin Marker for CT Simulation Reduces Need for Manual Contouring, Density Override

by Luke Molnar

Sept 2021, Bristol, CT – Beekley Medical® introduced RT-SPOT®, the newest linear marker for CT simulation in radiation oncology.

RT-SPOT is the only marker for CT-Simulations that is elevated from the skin line which helps to exclude the marker from the automatic body contour.

Existing skin markers may affect dose calculations in some situations and must be manually contoured out, increasing the dose planning time per patient.  Because RT-SPOT is elevated from the skin line, it helps minimize dose perturbation and saves the dosimetrist from having to manually contour the skin line and override marker density when calculating radiation dose.  As a result, treatment planning is more efficient and accurate.

RT-SPOT’s medical grade foam adhesive backing is flexible and can bent into a variety of shapes, including small circles, and stays in place without lifting during simulation.  Ideal for marking field borders, tangents, scars, sarcomas, and larger treatment areas.

To learn more and for associated product safety information, visit beekley.com or call 1-800-233-5539