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Laurel Bridge Software announced new release of Exodus

by Luke Molnar

DICOM Migration Controller Software Offers Improved Migration-On-Demand Workflow

Newark, DE (April 5, 2011) – Laurel Bridge Software released a version 3.15.1 of Exodus™ migration controller software, its comprehensive DICOM radiology image migration tool, which now provides improved Migration On-Demand workflow capabilities.

The Exodus Migration Controller is used by PACS vendors, migration service providers, and hospital and imaging center personnel to effectively assess, plan, migrate, validate and report DICOM migration activities, and supports Laurel Bridge Software’s DICOM Migration Best Practices Guidelines.

Exodus offers a rich set of assessment, planning, migration, validation and reporting capabilities including:

• Pre-Qualification Assessment: With a single-click, Exodus can review, identify and report various ‘common data anomalies’ of data residing in the source archive. Pre-qualification use cases are based upon vast experience and lessons-learned. Once identified, anomalies can be managed, either within the source archive, via configurable transformation rules within Exodus, or ignored.

• Representative Sample Migration. As recommended in the DICOM Migration Best Practices Guidelines, Exodus can produce a statistically-based sampling or cross-section of the source data for initial migration and validation. This ‘proof-of-concept’ approach often flushes out unexpected migration issues and provides a level of success confidence at the migration onset.

• Tag-Morphing / DICOM Transformation: Comprehensive, rules-based configuration provides for DICOM tag transformation and DICOM syntax mapping between archives.

• Worklist Priors Fetching / On-Demand Workflow: During a migration, Exodus can monitor a worklist (or pseudo worklist) and effect the immediate migration of patient studies from source to destination based upon presence in active worklist.

• Rules-based Scheduling & Throttling: Exodus offers robust scheduling and throttling functionality to maximize migration throughput while minimizing production system impact.

• Notifications & Alerts: Configurable email notifications are available to report migration progress and error conditions.

• Logging / Audit Trail: Easily viewable history of all incoming and outbound traffic and their state.

• Final Report. Documented results of migration activities are summarized and detailed in easy-to-generate reports. Information is easily exported to Excel format where it can be integrated with other reporting tools.

About Laurel Bridge Software

Laurel Bridge Software, Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation, specializing in development and deployment of DICOM applications and tools for the medical imaging industry, especially in areas related to network communication for medical devices, appliances and enterprise medical imaging systems via high-speed local and distributed networks. Engineers from Laurel Bridge Software and its sister company, Blair Computing Systems, Inc., have been developing medical imaging systems for more than twenty years. Laurel Bridge Software has a wealth of experience developing PACS networks, modalities, workstations/viewers, archives and protocol or image converter boxes in a variety of configurations.