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Introducing Compass Release V.2.6.3.

by Luke Molnar

Discover new improvements to the Laurel Bridge Compass™ v.2.6.3

Compass™ version 2.6.3 is now available for download for customers who have a current maintenance contract. Upgrade to the latest version to benefit from the new product features below and contact Imaging Solutions for information on how to download and activate the latest release.

New Product Features

  • Database connection improvements in the web UI.
  • Filtering improvements for the Active Associations table.
  • AuditLog messages containing PHI can be configurably suppressed from the local log file.
  • The navigation panes that contain the names for Sources, Destinations, Rules and Job Actions in both the DICOM and HL7 Options dialogs now support searching.
  • An icon column has been added to the Source and Destination navigation lists. A green check mark will be displayed if the Source/Destination is enabled.
  • The HL7 details viewer has been improved.
  • The Inbound Association History information is now available via the web UI and the Inbound Association History dialog now supports searching.
  • The Active Associations table has been enhanced to include extra columns: Patient Name, Patient ID, Accession # and Modality. The table can also be limited to show only Inbound or Outbound associations. There is also a filter text field that displays only associations that match the filter text.
  • DICOM and HL7 custom columns are now available as selectable fields in email notifications.
  • Added a new built-in destination named Cache that provides Q/R functionality in Store and-Forward mode. See the user manual for details.
  • Data can now be copied from the jobs tables and store job details dialog.
  • Added the ability to view DICOM Encapsulated PDF data.

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For More Information

Copies of the latest User Manual and the product Release Notes listing major changes incorporated in recent versions are available through the links above and via the websitehttps://www.laurelbridge.com/products/compass/


You may be eligible to download the latest version, provided you are currently under product maintenance support. Contact Imaging Solutions Support for more information on how to download and activate the latest version.

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If you have general sales or product related questions

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E-mail: [email protected]

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About Laurel Bridge Software Laurel Bridge Software, Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation, specializing in development and deployment of DICOMTM applications and tools for the medical imaging industry, especially in areas related to communication of medical devices, appliances and enterprise medical imaging systems via high-speed local and distributed networks. Engineers from Laurel Bridge Software and its sister company, Blair Computing Systems, Inc., have been developing medical imaging systems for more than twenty years. Laurel Bridge Software has a wealth of experience developing PACS networks, modalities, workstations/viewers, archives and protocol or image converter boxes in a variety of configurations.

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