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Imaging Solutions Wins Case Against Macro Niche Software

by Luke Molnar

HOUSTON, TEXAS, 10 JANUARY 2014 — Imaging Solutions won an important Court ruling today when the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas ruled that Macro Niche and Michael Ruthemeyer admitted Imaging Solutions allegations that Macro Niche and Ruthemeyer engaged in fraud and made negligent misrepresentations. The remaining issue in the lawsuit with respect to Imaging Solutions is how much damages Macro Niche and Ruthemeyer must pay to Imaging Solutions for the admitted fraud and misrepresentations.

The recent ruling follows a December 18, 2013 ruling in which the Court granted the company’s motion for summary judgement on claims of copyright infringement and civil conspiracy brought forth by Macro Niche Software against Imaging Solutions.

“This brings an end to Michael Ruthemeyer’s and Macro Niche Software’s groundless legal contentions against Imaging Solutions, a campaign we have viewed from the outset as being entirely irresponsible, vexatious and malicious in nature,” said Glenn Honey, Imaging Solutions’ Managing Director.

Imaging Solutions has moved to claim attorney fees on the basis that Macro Niche’s case was replete with objectively unreasonable legal and factual positions rendering it frivolous, and that the company’s motivation for bringing the lawsuit was improper. The motion also describes how an award of attorney fees here would deter other plaintiffs from filing similarly frivolous lawsuits.

“As explained in detail in our motion for attorney fees Macro Niche’s claim was comprehensively deficient and devoid of any merit whatsoever. In my opinion Mr Ruthemeyer’s objective was to intimidate Imaging Solutions to withdraw its superior product offer from the market to reduce competition,” Honey said.

Imaging Solutions’ Marketing Manager, Michael Crosby, said:

“Our intention at this stage is to ensure that Imaging Solutions is appropriately compensated for both the considerable resources used to defend ourselves, as well as, the damage caused by what we view as Michael Ruthemeyer’s unscrupulous actions inside and outside of the courtroom.”

Imaging Solutions and Macro Niche Software had been involved in legal proceedings since August 01, 2012, when Macro Niche Software and the company’s owner, Michael Ruthemeyer filed a series of complaints against Imaging Solutions and a number of other entities for copyright infringement, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and civil conspiracy. Prior to the Court’s decision today finding that Macro Niche and Ruthemeyer admitted the allegations of fraud and misrepresentation, all claims against Imaging Solutions had been dismissed.

“We are pleased that the Imaging Solutions good name has been fully cleared of any wrong doing and that our reputation for acting with absolute integrity remains wholly intact,” Crosby said. “We look forward to presenting the damages caused by the conduct of Ruthemeyer and Macro Niche.”

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