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Imaging Solutions Provides an Easy-to-use Measurement Tool for Apron Fitting

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia’s market leading manufacturer of high-quality personal radiation protection apparel, has announced the launch of a new market leading web-based application. Called Mobile Tailor – the new application is a simple, fast, and contactless tool designed to virtualize the fitting and measurement process for end users of PPE apparel.

The web application can be deployed whenever and wherever it is required, without the need to meet with an Imaging Solutions sales representative in person. The application interfaces with modern smartphones via a web browser and has been developed by industry experts to streamline and solve the challenges associated with identifying and matching individuals with the most compatible apparel pattern sizes.

Marketing manager Glenn Honey said “The new application means sizing and comfort can be improved markedly in this specialist PPE product area, and we all appreciate the fact that poor fitting protective apparel can lead to unnecessary exposure risks. The new application is the latest in a string of new innovations being delivered and developed by Imaging Solutions. The most recent being the release of RadTrack 2.0, which also supports PPE apparel.”

Mobile Tailor’s proprietary and patented AI-first technology delivers the accuracy of a professional tailor in under a minute. The technology requires two photos taken with any smartphone camera on any background. These photos are then processed into body measurements using computer vision, deep learning, and statistical modelling allowing Imaging Solutions to suggest your most compatible size and amendments.

With little room for error in radiation protection, accurate measuring processes are a must for companies like Imaging Solutions, who is a leading supplier of radiation protection aprons. Imaging Solutions doesn’t store, keep, or save photos under any circumstances. After the photos are processed, they are instantly deleted from our servers. This technology is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, as our company values and respects your privacy.

By implementing this technology, Imaging Solutions is providing a safe and consistent experience for its customers through a digital and contactless solution, without impacting the lead time or bottom line of its products. The use of this product also promotes optimum infection control standards through safe distancing.

For further information please contact Glenn Honey, Marketing Manager, on phone 07 3387 0400 or email [email protected]