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Imaging Solutions Opens Personal Radiation protection Production Facility in Australia

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions has announced plans to start manufacturing a full range of personal radiation protection apparel in Australia. The new manufacturing facility will be based at Shailer Park in Queensland and is scheduled to start production in mid-April.

The core product range offered will include conventional and custom Personal Radiation Protection Aprons, Radiation protection eye wear, face shields, head protection, shin protection, drapes, and gloves. A suite of value added product life extending and asset supporting software, storage and deodorizing refresher accessory products and services will also be included in the range.

Imaging Solutions CEO Glenn Honey said “We moved to close the gap in a raft of areas where quality, performance, and most critically patient, physician and clinician exposure to potentially harmful ionizing radiation had steadily increased to the point where it has become an intolerable concern”. He explained that there existed wide spread legitimate concerns in relation to the compliance and protection offered by many imported products which have not in many instances actually met Australia I.E.C standards.

A key element in developing the new production facility has involved the recruitment of a Scientist / Physicist who has the prerequisite knowledge to assist develop complying core materials. Dr John Laban said “In my experience thus far, I am shocked at the number of products I have tested which fall well below the standards applicable and critically therefore do not provide the protection they purport to offer and per their labelling.” He went on to say “The situation has been exacerbated by outdated measurement standards which have not been ideal in terms of assessing a product’s true protective abilities. Thankfully, new and improved IEC standards are now published, and will be adopted in Australia. We will be at the forefront of ensuring compliance with the new standards, both in terms of what is being offered locally, and from the wider industry.”

The new facility will feature state-of-the-art CAD cutting equipment, advanced sewing and binding systems, and extensively tested and approved RADsafe core inner materials. Critically, it will also allow Imaging Solutions to offer the following key differentiations:

• Reducing lead time to market – by significantly reducing manufacturing time frames.

• Offering a local repair service – enabling efficient turn-around times to minimise service down time.

• Custom size and design capabilities.

• Apparel tracking – using Imaging Solutions’ RadTrack asset management software.

• RadLab testing services – for annual compliance and random fleet spot checks.

In the core material area, Imaging Solutions will initially be offering light weight lead inner substrates only, which have a proven compliant and stable performance range. The unchecked focus by users, relative to weight reductions, has it is clear given way over time to the introduction and adoption of many non-lead material substitutes which simply don’t offer the protection required. The at best incremental weight reduction offered by many of these products is often stunningly offset by dangerously disproportionate protection reductions. Some products tested offered as little as half the protection claimed on the label.