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Imaging Solutions Launches Unique Radiation Protective Apparel Management and Compliance Tool

by Luke Molnar

Brisbane, QLD, 08 December, 2011 — Imaging Solutions Pty. Ltd. have announced the launch of a unique and comprehensive radiation protective apparel tracking and management system to support health facilities in the United States and Australasia. The online platform, called RadTrack, has been developed to make the tracking, reporting and fleet management process of personal radiation protective apparel easier, faster and more readily accessible.

Historically, complying with the various national and state-based standards and regulations in both the Unites States and Australasia involved laborious monitoring and documenting using conventional hand-written logs or computer databases that were often corrupted due to various users or differing locations. RadTrack allows data to be easily captured in a single step and referred to as required. Reporting is also automated with built-in or custom design reports, ensuring hospitals and other healthcare facilities can obtain all the documentation they need – whenever and wherever they may require it. In short, RadTrack provides users with flexible and safe personal and corporate risk management all at a very affordable price.

RadTrack is an online system so there is no need for software to be loaded onto any PC or server, eliminating the risk of interfering with existing networks. Users can access the system via secure passwords from any terminal with an Internet connection. “Our new RadTrack system takes the headaches out of recording, storing, searching, retrieving and reporting vital apparel-related information which is almost always a mandatory requirement for running a hospital or medical centre,” said Glenn Honey, Managing Director and CEO of Imaging Solutions.

“We are seeing radiology department resources stretched. RadTrack represents a real game-changer in terms of managing risk and allowing facilities to get the most from their assets.”

The online system is complemented with a new line of aprons called RADsafe. These aprons boast a number of features that make them ideal to be used with the RadTrack system. For example, built-in identification code (RadIDs) labels and annual colour inspection indicators make it easy to visually identify an apparel item, and determine whether it is ‘in-date’ in terms of screening for damage.

The RadTrack system will be available to Australasian and United States customers from 01 January 2012. Imaging Solutions is offering outstanding introductory pricing of $850 for the first year set up fee (normally $1850) until 31 January 2012. The company also plans to launch the product in Europe and other regions later in the year.

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