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Imaging Solutions Has Released New Patient Table Pads and Mattresses

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of Imaging equipment and accessory products, has announced its decision to commence manufacturing a full range of Patient Mattresses, Diagnostic Positioning Aids and Patient Table Pads. The new range will be manufactured in Australia at the company’s Meadowbrook production plant and will leverage the advanced skills and core competencies of its existing innovative and progressively growing designers, pattern developers, textile industry sewers and RF welding technicians.

The recent move to the newly expanded premises, has been accompanied by the introduction of several new technology platforms which offer enhanced capabilities. These include on-site custom prints, the introduction of an expanded foam, cover material fabric options, seamless High Frequency welding and high-volume automated CAD cutting capabilities. Combining these improvements will be a game changer to the company’s production capabilities.

Glenn Honey CEO and Managing Director said, “Combining the skill sets and competencies already embedded in our company’s culture, along with these advanced technologies, presents the company with exceptional innovation and development opportunities. This growth will be achieved through further diversifying our product range in terms of both its scope and scale, effectively introducing a vastly enhanced capacity to access and increase its market range”.

The introduction of RF welding technology is expected to play a key role and driver in the company’s product portfolio expansion. The company plans to extensively integrate combinations of all its newly acquired manufacturing technology across its production activities.

Brett Barton Imaging Solutions Production Manager said, “An example of the benefits arising from the introduction of our plant wide new technologies integration program has become most evident in the post COVID environment. These design and production capabilities are invaluable in efforts to protect against and minimise cross contamination between patients and generally minimise the potential of infection. The use of RF welding in place of conventional stitching provides for an airtight, liquid tight seal and critically significantly reduces the opportunity for bacteria, pathogens or contamination to occur”.

Dr John Kapeleris from Imaging Solutions said, “While the product development focus has been primarily devoted to introducing and enhancing infection control capabilities of this new range, we have taken this opportunity to also address and enhance patient comfort and durability features offered by our products. Our parallel product development road map has seen the development of advanced technology-based table pad and mattress foam combinations which address challenges like vapour permeability, multi directional elasticity, liquids resistance, radiolucent capacity and latex free materials construction while at the same time optimising infection control capabilities”.

The new range of products are expected to be of interest to hospitals, medical centres, nursing and aged care facilities, OEMs who use table pads for various diagnostic equipment, childcare centres and hostel or large-scale staging locations which are involved in high turnover accommodation environments.

For further information please contact Glenn Honey Marketing Manager on 0411557177 or [email protected]

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