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Imaging Solutions Expands Manufacturing Operations

by Kane Wallmann

Imaging Solutions, this week, announced the establishment of a new state-of-the-art, high-tech manufacturing facility at Meadowbrook, Queensland. Imaging Solutions manufacturers the RADsafe brand of PPE personal radiation protection apparel used in protecting against harmful ionising radiation during medical imaging related examinations and procedures.

The new purpose-built facilities include three separate buildings, designed as manufacturing pods, equipped with specialist leading edge technology and equipment. These pods are designated:

Building 1- Apparel and imaging accessories production.

Building 2- Portable and static radiation screen and MRI cage and accessory production.

Building 3 QA RadLab for testing and compliance, core material production, radiation eye wear production, clean room capacity and general storage.

Combined, the three pods can provide a wide range of specialist products and services.

These include:

  1. Personal radiation protection apparel including aprons, and an array of accessories including head protection, sleeves, gloves, thyroid, breast, gonad and eye protection.
  2. Fixed and portable radiation shielding glass, acrylic and lead barriers.
  3. Radiation protection eyewear.
  4. Non-lead core substrate production which is a country first and will come online within the next 12 months.
  5. Software for radiation apparel QA and asset/fleet management and compliance.
  6. A RadLab facility to test and verify compliance to standards and to undertake routine annual QA checks.
  7. MRI/RF Cage production.
  8. MRI accessories.

The company markets these products under its RADsafe brand which is widely supported across Australia and New Zealand. A spokesperson for Imaging Solutions’ manufacturing arm, Brett Barton, said “We are currently experiencing increased demand due to a range of factors including the effects of COVID-19. Wherever these specialist PPE products are used, extended disinfection processes in returning the PPE to service has meant more apparel is required in circulation. This coupled with long delivery lead times of products supplied from overseas and increasing calls from local medical authorities to ensure products meet the Australian and international standards. Compliance needs has played a role in driving demand.”

The company commenced manufacturing of personal radiation protection apparel here in Australia over four years ago in response to local market demand for high quality products which meet mandatory compliance standards. At that point, Imaging Solutions already possessed over 16 years’ experience in marketing products to meet the needs of this specialist medical imaging subsegment of medical related PPE and decided to take the step to onshore production.

Imaging Solutions’ Marketing Manager, Kane Wallmann, said “The first stage of the company’s transition to local Australian based manufacturing was completed in a relatively short period of time. The market wanted high quality product in which it could have confidence in terms of meeting the standards and offering protection users could trust. Additionally, products and service features such as advanced ergonomic design, comfort, local repair and technical support were important to local users. And thanks to onshoring, we’ve been able to fulfil the local desire for these.”

The company’s embedded technical competencies and knowledge of the market meant a transition to manufacturing could be achieved smoothly, resulting in a win-win for all. This latest growth phase is expected to increase the company’s market share locally, shorten lead times through increased production capacity and support a push into the international export market.

The company has invested in the latest global leading-edge production technology. The combination of these tried and tested production platforms mean production quality, exacting performance, high efficiencies, and outstanding reliability can be assured.

Glenn Honey, the CEO of Imaging Solutions, concluded with the statement “Coupled with our production team’s experience, core competencies, industry experience and flexibility we believe we have developed an advanced formula for success to be leveraged by our existing local and in the future export manufacturing operations.”

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