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Imaging Solutions Enters USA Market

by Luke Molnar

Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd, has announced its plans to enter the USA market. Established in 1998 and based in Brisbane Australia, Imaging Solutions is Australia’s leading manufacturer and marketer of specialist personal radiation protection apparel and imaging equipment accessories.

Imaging Solutions’ business model offers its customers access to a Single Source Supply procurement platform which operates very much like a Group Purchasing Operation. The difference is the typical GPO is not able to offer value added benefits such as:

  1. Access to world market-leading brands.
  2. Specialist technical expertise that is radiation protection specific.
  3. Ready access to transaction cost optimisation which saves time and money.
  4. Much more than PPE core apparel-based solutions – the range offering includes radiation protective glass, acrylic, lead fit out, and high-level customisation solutions.

The company’s operations are expected to be of interest to hospital groups who are looking for easy access to specialists imaging related products as distinct from the general medical range typically offered. While GPO models are well entrenched in the US healthcare system, at this point there are few, if any, who are equipped to specifically support corporate and end user interest in having access to market-leading brands supported by reliable technical knowledge and advice. Importantly there are no alternative business entities offering access to the scope and scale of world class imaging accessory brands compared to those available through the Imaging Solutions’ channel.

Imaging Solutions’ CEO Glenn Honey said: “We are excited and energised by the prospect of entering the USA market, which represents over 50% of the world market for the products we manufacture and/or market. The market is demanding a change in how specialised advanced radiology-related accessories are marketed and supported. Currently, many organisations that are marketing these products are ill-equipped technically to select, specify, and advise on the products they sell. Our entry into the market means users can source fit-for-purpose products and get reliable technical advice, as well as after-market support in a One Call That’s All or a One Click That’s it interaction.”

Imaging Solutions plans to leverage its existing technology platforms, advanced marketing competencies, and category management experience to drive market share growth. Most critically, its supplier partner network is expected to add significantly to its value proposition in many areas of its customer relationships and interactions.

A combination of strategies including on-the-ground sales and distributor support will be implemented alongside proactive engagement in industry trade shows. Imaging Solutions will also provide online and phone sales support which will ensure optimal responsiveness and ultimately drive high levels of customer satisfaction.

The business will focus on developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with suppliers and develop seamless trading relationships with its customers.

For further information please contact Glenn Honey CEO on +61 411 557 177 or [email protected]