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For All Your Imaging Marker Needs

by Luke Molnar

Check out our extensive range of imaging and skin markers for radiology

Imaging Solutions is your one stop shop for medical imaging accessories and consumables. We have a huge range of markers to assist with day-to-day radiological procedures. From reference and calibration markers to skin and biopsy localisation markers, we’ve got it all. And our new website makes it easier than ever to find what you need.

Skin Markers
Save time, improve accuracy, enhance communication and provide a better patient experience with Beekley Medical’s simple, innovative medical products. This product line consists of a broad range of radiologic skin markers for mammography; breast biopsies; radiation therapy; MRI; CT scans and general radiology. Read more here.

Imaging Markers
Imaging markers are especially useful for improving productivity and reference as well as greatly minimising opportunity for error. Many of our markers can be customised to meet your specific needs so do not hesitate to contact us. Read more here.

Guidelines and Biopsy Localisation Markers
Guidelines save time and improve the accuracy of biopsy procedures by assisting in pinpointing the areas of concern. Read more here.