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Exodus™ – Migration and Consolidation Controller

by Luke Molnar

How are you managing your archive migration and consolidation needs?

Empower your organisation to safeguard clinician access to legacy medical imaging data by strategically managing long term storage of medical image data. Our enterprise data orchestration tools enable your organisation to internally and independently manage your archive migration and consolidation efforts, so they can be integrated into your broader enterprise imaging strategy.

Exodus™ – Migration and Consolidation Controller

Manage Your Archive Migration and Consolidation Needs With Laurel Bridge Exodusᵀᴹ Migration and Consolidation Controller. The Laurel Bridge Exodus™ Migration and Consolidation Controller is a powerful data orchestration tool that enables your organisation to solve a myriad of archive migration and consolidation challenges. These issues may derive from product life-cycle management or mergers and acquisitions. The Exodus™ works with the other Laurel Bridge software solutions to provide your business with ongoing control and management of legacy archives.

Laurel Bridge provides the flexibility you require to meet the evolving enterprise imaging workflow needs, by implementing the migration approach, meeting your unique demands:

  • Self-conducted through your internal expertise.
  • Service provider managed through our expertise.

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Improvements to Exodus™

Exodus™ Migration and Consolidation Controller

Laurel Bridge has announced improvements to their Exodus™ Migration and Consolidation Controller. It enhances the ability of healthcare providers to manage archive migration and consolidation requirements. The following brand-new capabilities and functions make it easier for organisations to bring the necessary migration and consolidation expertise in-house:

  • An easily configured graphical user inter
  • Improved migration status monitoring tools
  • Faster migrations by leveraging load balancing capabilities

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About Laurel Bridge Software Laurel Bridge Software, Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation, specializing in development and deployment of DICOMTM applications and tools for the medical imaging industry, especially in areas related to communication of medical devices, appliances and enterprise medical imaging systems via high-speed local and distributed networks. Engineers from Laurel Bridge Software and its sister company, Blair Computing Systems, Inc., have been developing medical imaging systems for more than twenty years. Laurel Bridge Software has a wealth of experience developing PACS networks, modalities, workstations/viewers, archives and protocol or image converter boxes in a variety of configurations.

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